Lieutenant JG Trixie Charmosa "Pixie"

AeroFighter Pilot


An Iron Dingoes native, “Pixie” pilots an Corsair acquired during anti-piracy operations near System – New Syrtis, and serves with Captain Eric Balmer “Tinman” as his wingman.

“Pixie” is a burgeoning hotshot, and has consistently proven her potential by being rated a Veteran NPC Aero Pilot. She is also noted as having good technical skills, and is very talented as a space navigator, working well as the companion to her senior officer Captain Eric Balmer “Tinman”.


Trooper “Pixie” Charmosa is a former shadow to Captain Eric Balmer “Tinman”, who graduated as a full-fledged pilot in the Line forces. The adopted refugee daughter of a pair of Techs serving aboard the “Blood Rock”, she has proven a drive to succeed, and a skill in the cockpit that has great potential. This is part of the reason she pilots an interceptor; she likes things fast.

In late-3025, she was promoted to the rank of Lt JG, and pilots a 60-ton GTHA-500 Gotha.

She presently remains romantically unattached to anyone in the unit, though rumors persist she is involved with one of the shuttle pilots in Whippet Transport Lines.

Lieutenant JG Trixie Charmosa "Pixie"

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