Trooper Valerie Irons "Barb Wire"

"Advocate's" Personal Bodyguard


Trooper Valerie Irons, also known as “Barb Wire”, is the personal bodyguard to LtSG Massimo De Luca “Advocate”. Valerie is noted as attractive, but has a certain naivete about her that somehow always seems to work in her favor. She has practically no investigative skills, but is very talented with small arms and personal hand-to-hand weapons.

“Barb Wire” is a Regular Manager NPC, with many talents and excels in personal combat (Regular Soldier NPC). She has a brother, Thomas Irons, who also joined the unit, and serves in the Cerberus Command as a security trooper.

As manager of The Lucky Lady on “The Factory”, she earns for her employer roughly 3200 Cs per month (40,000 Cs per year) profit.


Valerie Irons is a former exotic dancer and part-time PI. She once owned a bar on Dunkelheim, known as the “Hammerhead”. During the recent planetary war, mercenary infantry and bounty hunters had a firefight in her bar, which resulted in its destruction (only a small part of the total devastation that struck Goldheim). Excelling in combat, and having few other practical skills, she joined the local resistance and spent a couple weeks dodging bullets and trying to find a way to start over.

When the Iron Dingoes made a broad offer of employment to the citizens of Goldheim and its surrounding districts, she took them up on the offer. Travelling to “The Citadel”, she was hired on the spot. She now serves LtSG Massimo De Luca “Advocate” as his personal bodyguard, but is paid well and has the chance to get off-planet; both of which are just fine by her standards.

Barbwire has taken the position as manager of the The Lucky Lady on-board “The Factory”.

Trooper Valerie Irons "Barb Wire"

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