Major "Veruca" Louise Salt

Veruca Salt's Legacy


A fair pilot, “Veruca” Louise Salt is the surviving sister of the original Veruca Salt, and one of two members of the “Veruca’s Visigoths” to remain alive. She added the name of her dead sister to remember her sacrifice.

Senior-Captain Salt is a Veteran Mech Pilot NPC, and owns an antique ASN-21 Assassin named “Remnant”, that has been handed down through the generations as the unit’s mascot and family treasure. Modified with two replacement Martell Medium Lasers after stripping-out its defective Holly-2 SRM launcher, it has proven capable of fulfilling its assigned duties. While in defense of Iron Dingoes assets, she pilots a company STK-3F Stalker “Overwhleming Force”.

In addition to her experience as a mercenary Mech pilot, Captain Salt maintains the tradition of being a mean guitarist, and often sang back-up vocals in the unit’s infamous band. She leads her own lance of Mechs in * “The Dead Man’s Hand”, named for her sister’s legacy, and has taken control of the recently re-constituted Dead Man’s Hand as a full combined-arms battalion.


“Veruca” Louise Salt was always the “little” sister, living in the shadow of her infamous musician/mercenary sister. Captain Salt worked her way through the ranks like all members of the family, and proved her right to the position with skill and determination. About a year prior to the Dunkelheim Incident, she became the “heir-apparent”, and began piloting the unit’s trademark ASN-21 Assassin, acting as her sister’s XO.

During their hard luck contract on System – Dunkelheim, “Veruca’s Visigoths” were able to maintain their status through salvage, even after meeting White Death’s personal Mech Company during a raid on the edge of Goldberg, capital of Dunkelheim. At the height of this raid, Louise had taken severe damage to the unit Assassin, and it was down for repairs due to a lack of parts. As a result she and a fellow pilot (recently dispossessed), most of the unit’s dependents and their collected salvage survived the death of their unit during the raid on White Death’s JumpShip fleet near the end of the contract on Dunkelheim. Most of their techs, parts and remaining Mechs were lost when the Merchant-Class JumpShip they were assaulting turned-out to be a disguised Tracker-Class Warship. The WarShip jumped away from the battle, wiping Veruca’s Visigoths from existence.

Captain Salt took her sister’s name in memory of her lost sister, and now finds herself in the unenviable position of having defaulted the contract they were under, and with little resources remaining to rebuild her family’s legacy. She accepted the lead position of a lance of Mechs in the unit’s “reserve” force, but has hopes to lead the unit to greater things. Command of the entire company of reserve Mechs became more than a dream, when the unit was rebuilt to become a combined-arms battalion, in mid-3020.

Taking command of the newly independent battalion of The Dead Man’s Hand, is more than a simple accomplishment for her; it’s justification that she is not simply living in the shadow of her family name, or her sister. She is working hard to make the unit click together as a whole, capable combined-arms force, and trains hard every day. She is thinking about re-organizing the Mechs into something more specialized in its rolls at the lance level, but has nothing set until she is able to get the entire unit together training.

Veruca was promoted (by senior officer council vote) to full Major in early 3022, following the unit’s observation that she was the most senior member of the Iron Dingoes on-planet during the Line Unit’s absence. This was confirmed by Paladin following his return to their landholds.

Major "Veruca" Louise Salt

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