Trooper Victoria "Tori" Wu

Werewolves Insertion Specialist


Trooper Victoria Wu is a member of * “The Iron Dingoes” special forces unit, * “The Werewolves”. Its “Insertion Specialist”, she works with the unit’s intelligence branch to organize getting her fellow troopers into and out of their assigned target locations.

Although considered an integral part of the unit, she spends most of her time working with the Intelligence & Analysis branch of * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”, especially since she has not been issued a Battle Armor – Tornado PA, and deploys aboard their assigned transport to assist during deployments, remaining behind to cover the extraction vehicle.

In addition to being considered a Regular Infantry Trooper NPC, she is a trained medic, and has numerous skills at various extreme forms of vehicle and personal sports. Her favorites include HALO-jumps and water sports. As Insertion Specialist, she is still a little green, but overt time will be able to allow her skills to assist greatly in the unit’s efforts. She is presently studying under Trooper Marguerite Phillano to become her official co-pilot, and acts as the navigator on any insertion activities.


Trooper Tori Wu was hired mid-3022 at System – New Syrtis to fill a vacant slot in the Iron Dingoes Black Ops unit, * “The Werewolves”. Prior to this time, Trooper Wu studied veterinary sciences, before taking work as a model to pay her tuition.

During this time, she excelled at athletics, and managed to train under a skilled martial artist, who saw her potential and ensured she secure government funding to complete her degree. She continued studying martial arts and eventually saw some minor success as a holo-actress, but eventually was recruited by various sports companies to do model work, and excelled at various extreme sports events, rising to become an award-winning sportswoman in numerous diverse activities, such as halo-jumping, motocross, and deep-sea diving.

Her ancestry, however, with a Liao-born mother, had proven a limiting factor in her career. She was never able to “break-through”, and by twenty-five (25) was seen as having reached her potential as a model. She disagreed.

Joining the local militia, she tried to use her sports background to propel her potential as a trooper. Though she primarily worked as a paramedic, qualifying easily, she learned small arms and quickly proved exceptional at driving and maintaining medical equipment.

After a four-year tour with the New Syrtis militia, she spent some time studying martial arts with her old master, and worked part-time at a dog shelter, and part-time doing various model work. Eventually, Wu grew tired of the sedentary life, and was offered a chance at something new, work with the mercenary troop, the Iron Dingoes. New challenges and a new start to her life seemed appropriate, plus the money was very good. She accepted, and in mid-3022, became a member of their special forces team, The Werewolves.

Trooper Victoria "Tori" Wu

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