Trooper "Wiley" Xavier

Trooper of the Iron Dingoes


Trooper “Wiley” Xavier is a skilled trooper with good hand-to-hand and small arms skills, and has good training with heavy support weapons. He can also drive many standard vehicles; wheeled, tracked or hover.

Trooper Xavier is a Veteran Infantry NPC, serving in the Gamma Perimeter Security Platoon (“Black Fire Brigade”) of the Cerberus Command. He also has a position in * “The Werewolves”, as their driver and heavy weapons specialist. In this latter role, he has been employing the unit’s Battle Armor – Tornado PA suits the longest, and is its most experienced pilot. He traditionally also deploys a Laser Assault System (LAS) “Grendal” whenever in his suit.


Formerly a mercenary serving in the Black Fire Brigade before its absorption into the Iron Dingoes, he openly admits to having spent time in the Davion MIIO as a low-level contact. He was “burned” from that special forces unit for unspecified reasons, and has been keeping a low profile ever since, refusing to talk about the particulars.

Trooper "Wiley" Xavier

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