Space Master Ursula Sanders "Silhouette"

Lead Pilot of the "Mordred"


Space Master Ursula Sanders is a rarity; commander of “The Mordred”, and a former citizen of * Duchy of Tharn. A graduate of the Iron Dingoes own educational programs and DropShip/JumpShip course, she stands out in a crowd, both for her dark humor and her statuesque figure. She is fond of artistic ships uniforms, popular in naval crews from her homeworld, System – Gollere, and is often seen relaxing with a long black wooden cigarette holder when off-duty.

Smart and with a quick wit, Ursula Sanders takes her position with a great deal of humility, acknowledging that both she and her crew have much to learn and that the future holds a great deal of opportunity. She is quite intimidating in person, with dark, staring eyes and a brusque, no-nonsense attitude. Ursula is something of a snob, with a superior attitude bred from being the only daughter of a nobleman of some importance on her homeworld, and she has little sympathy for those of less fortune than herself.

She is a skilled Veteran NPC Conventional Air Pilot, but is still mastering the difficult mathematics and physics of conducting spaceflight, but has become sufficiently knowledgeable to be considered both a Green NPC DropShip Pilot and Green NPC JumpShip Pilot. Her grasp of three-dimensional flight and maneuvers, however, is unparalleled, making her a cunning Tactics and Strategy officer, with a understanding of micro-gravity maneuvers and operations.


Born in 3004, the only daughter to the infamous Brigadier Gregor Sanders, lead air pilot in service with House Abrasax, “Silhouette” gained fame early in her career as a talented tactician and daring ace pilot. She grew up with expectations that she would follow in her father’s footsteps, and nearly did.

As a member of * “The Iron Dingoes” landhold structure, she applied to and was granted a position within * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences training programs, studying to be both a DropShip and JumpShip pilot; a daunting task that required a great deal of study, and two years of her life. Her parents were proud, when she informed them of her successful graduation, and appointment to “The Mordred” in late-3032.

Space Master Ursula Sanders "Silhouette"

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