Warlord Vaas Montenegro

"Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?"


Warlord Vaas Montenegro is the most powerful mercenary bandit fro the Armenian Rookeries. Controlling the other two forts and their forces through his charisma and relative strength, he personally controls about three battalions of mercenary bandits.

What little is known about Vaas’ personality comes from his close (and dangerous) encounters with various military forces in the District of Cuaca. Close observation shows that he is a reckless, violent, sadistic, brutal, unpredictable, cynical, machiavellian, psychopathic, insane, extremely prideful and remourseless bandit lord with a dark sense of humor and a frighteningly violent personality who is feared even by his own men, some of whom are as chaotic and psychotic as Vaas. Despite being more crazier and mentally unstable than the other warlords, he is a charismatic and masculine leader.

He is known to be a strong mercenary leader, and happily “loans” his forces to anyone who can supply him with munitions, weapons and a ready market for his “nation’s” chief export, hard narcotics. The majority of his force’s exports are generated through the manufacture and sale of narcotics, primarily the drug known as “Black Oil”; an extract taken from a rare mountain berry, that is best known for its addictive, hallucinogenic and eventually lethal properties.


Vaas Montenegro was born in 2995 in the Armenia Rookeries and from a young age, he was a member of the local mercenary gangs. He is noted as particularly close to his sister Citra and has mentioned that his first kill was for her.

Some time before 3015, Vaas became addicted to his own products, and quickly became the right-hand man of the leader of the mountain mercenaries, Volker. Taking control of the local fortress and seizing power in the wake of his death, Vaas became leader of the Banditos, who proceeded to actively increase their activities of rape, looting, theft and murder among the low-land villagers.

Vaas and his men have improved their business (such as growing Black Oil fields and kidnapping and selling into slavery “foreigners” who land under their control) and striking terror and injustice in the Cuaca District, that they claim is rightfully theirs. Vaas operates from his hidden fortress in the northern stretch of the Popayan Mountains from which he sees the constant predation of the low-land villages.

The forces he had loaned out to Colonel Robinson Gonzalez del Rio in protecting coal shipments from the northern districts, were expelled by General Pierre Garza once he had control of the district. This battalion began a series of raids during its march south, and eventually skirmished with forces under Lieutenant Colonel Allister Uirdo as they passed through his territory on their way home. The combined mercenary army then begun raiding widely across their borders, putting a great deal of pressure on the forces of General Uirdo to maintain the peace, and even raiding into the isolated western villages of The District of Guaviare.

In late-3025, a combined operation between elements of * “The Iron Dingoes” artillery and conventional air forces, with select forces from Royal Infantry (Marine) Battalion – “The Wild Cats” and Battalion Speciale 1 – The “Sun Swords”, engaged in destroying the three battalions and their fortresses. The liberal use of first the Dingoes Kate/Leopold Support Vehicle, followed by its Guardian Fighters and Titan Combat Helicopters equipped with Infernos, utterly destroyed the bulk of the first two fortresses, scattering the survivors to the winds. The third fortress, commanded by his half-sister Force Sergeant Citra Talugmai-Montenegro, surrendered to the attackers before it too, was destroyed. It is assumed he died during the attacks, and has not been seen since.

Warlord Vaas Montenegro

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