Master Tech Arnold "Whistler" Swiger

Survivor Farmer/Tech from Sligo


Master Tech Arnold “Whistler” Swiger is a surviving civilian farmer from System – Sligo. He is a skilled survivalist and capable older man, with a very independent daughter, “Saffron”

“Whistler” is a very capable technician with a broad skill base, and many years of experience in various technical matters, including a passing knowledge of BattleMech systems and larger fusion engines, such as found on DropShips. He is rated as a Veteran NPC MechTech. In addition, he is a good farmer, with both husbandry and agricultural skills, and seems a very capable survivalist, with skills in both Urban and Rural Survival. He is also a very good shot with a rifle. He has spent many years serving in the general technicians pool of the Iron Dingoes, but is primarily a free agent now, with a couple of close technicians, and serves in the agricultural maintenance of * Castle Corazón, often traveling between that location and Garrison, where he keeps a room in his daughter’s house.

Whistler is a tall, older man, with a “texan” drawl that most ascribe to having lived in the Davion Outback most of his life as a farmer. He notably wears simple, but durable clothing and wears a brace on his right leg, from a serious injury some years ago on Sligo with a Snow Spider that got into his cave crops. He goes everywhere with his combat shotgun, but also uses a simple longrifle for hunting and other ranged combat. He does not like to wear his issued combat equipment, and has modified the armor he does use with leather and hide to make it more pliant in key areas. his gives it a “rustic” appearance, but hasn’t altered its protection abilities. He also carries a civilian service auto-pistol with rapid-reload magazines and loves his armored trench-coat in bad weather.

Although basically a peaceable fellow, he will fight to retain his privacy. He is often quoted as saying “No need to come out into the Inner Sphere, t’ain’t no more civilized than the Periphery”. He is also very protective of his daughter.


“Whistler” claims to be from a Davion Outback world in the Kearny Combat Region, and moved here to “…git away from all them taxes and busybodies…”. He moved into a small cave farm on the outskirts of Sligo’s capital, but when the Bloody Corsairs hit the capital with several nukes, a wandering marauder band destroyed and looted his homestead. He and his daughter, Saffron made their way into the capital ruins, and began looting whatever they could find to stay alive.

“Whistler” claims to have heard about the Project Reset’s recruitment drive, and avoided it specifically because he suspected they weren’t telling the whole truth. He came to their recruitment center in the capital, hoping to answer a few questions, and loot whatever he could, and seemed to have done well. He doesn’t know much more about the organization, however, and seems perplexed at how they had some high-tech equipment just lying around to be recovered, like their respirators.

In early 3022, Whistler was promoted to Senior Tech, given command over a small crew of former farmers and techs from System – Sligo, and took charge over the lower farming levels of * Castle Corazón. At present, he spent years growing seedling samples of the various hardy trees and bushes found in the Castle’s depths, to identify the genum of the plants, and began re-stocking the plants that had died in that fortress. This project brought Level 10’s small park spaces back to a comfortable, healthy status.

In 3026, he was also given command over the hydroponics bays and various other food-processing equipment in the Castle’s Level Four, as well as a handful more techs to bring the facility up to full operation. he was promoted to Master Tech at this time. As of 3030, he has these facilities of the Castle operational and producing food in large enough quantities to keep the local garrison and techs fed, limiting its supply needs with the main unit.

Master Tech Arnold "Whistler" Swiger

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