Station Master William Holden


Station Master William Holden is a young officer of the Iron Dingoes, serving as lead officer of the * “Black Ice” monitor station. He is served by a fairly young and inexperienced crew, but has served with the Dingoes in their interface fleet for nearly a decade, and was promoted to the position for long-standing loyalty and the desire for command.

Holden is in his early twenties, and has pale skin, blue eyes and dark short-cropped hair. He seems fond of growing a slight scruffy beard, but is often shaving it after several days of growth.

A talented officer of DropShip operations, he is new to the concept of senior operations master of a station, let alone a covert one, but he still has sufficient training and experience in Navigation (Space), Pilot (Spacecraft), and Sensor Operations, as well as Comms (Conventional and Zero-G Ops. He also has some training in basic Leadership and Computers, earned through his year with * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences.

He is considered a Green NPC Station Commander.


William Holden was born to fairly wealthy Darrian farmers in central Garrison in 3007. He became a part of the first students placed under the Iron Dingoes educational programs established in their landhold, and was recruited directly into the crew of the “Blood Rock” at the age of eighteen.

He rose quickly and in 3029 was promoted to XO of that vessel, eventually proving himself a capable junior officer. He was sent as one of the first junior officers to participate in the Iron Dingoes “War Dogs” DropShip Program. and proved somewhat ambitious, but graduated head of his class, and after a short stint on board the “Buenaventura”, was assigned to lead the new secret project aboard * “Black Ice”.

In early-3031, equipped with a handful of young technicians, engineers and junior officers from the same program he had graduated from, the unit was assigned to Black Ice and designated * Black Ice Command, as a start to bringing the facility up to specs and readying it as the construction site of “The New Karachi” some years hence.

Presently, he and his young crew are settling into their position in the depths of System – Dumassas space, and familiarizing themselves with the station’s systems and readying it for the future of the Iron Dingoes.

Station Master William Holden

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