Tech (Research) Willis Schwebberhaffenwurf


Just as his colleague Tech (Research) Teresa Ruvin is obsessed with theory, so is Schwebberhaffenwurf lost in the world of hardware. He is a richly gifted man who can make any device work in the labs. He knows little about actually turning his lab projects into easily reproducable items, however, and never documents any of his work.

Schwebberhaffenwurf’s work station is always a chaotic sight of broken and malfunctioning test equipment, jury-rigged components, and half-built hardware. Mixed with the clutter of countless scraps of paper and half-filled notes regarding partial formula, incomplete diagrams, and incoherent fragments of his thoughts and logical processes. In spite of this chaos, Schwebberhaffenwurf seems to have a firm grasp of exactly what he is doing and which of his theories have worked out. It remains, of course, impossible for anyone else to figure matters out, but since he tends to stay 16 hours a day at his station, there is no problem. To date, there has never been a problem.

Schwebberhaffenwurf is a Veteran Tech NPC, with every possible technical skill under his cap. He remains equally good at most any of them, but has no other marketable skills or interests.


Willis Schwebberhaffenwurf was an orphan taken in by the state from an early age, and has been an employee of the Capellan Mechworks Section since 3016. He breezed through his schooling and remains very young.

He was captured with the rest of the CMS group during operations on System – Corodiz, and placed as a scientist aboard “The Freedom of the Stars” in * “The Iron Dingoes Skunkwerks” programs. He continues in this part of the Iron Dingoes, working closely with Tech (Research) Teresa Ruvin as her production assistant, and has added much to their projects.

Tech (Research) Willis Schwebberhaffenwurf

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