Space Master Zander Barcalow

Lead Pilot of the "Den Mother"


Space Master Zander Barcalow is a former junior officer serving under Space Master Yvette Deladrier, and is the lead pilot of “The Den Mother”.

Skilled as a JumpShip pilot, he is nonetheless somewhat arrogant and proud of his skills. He is a known womanizer, and knows he’s attractive. He is a Regular NPC JumpShip Pilot. In addition to his other skills, he has learned the Training skill, and uses it to promote skilled potential officers under him, though not without more than a little flirting.


A younger officer that followed Yvette Deladrier from retirement, Zander Barcalow served on her crew aboard the Den Mother for many years. Eventually, he was chosen to attend the Iron Dingoes formal officer-candidate school at * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences, and graduated from its program in late-3032. He was immediately assigned the lead pilot position aboard his old ship, “The Den Mother”, where he leads today.

Space Master Zander Barcalow

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