13th Provisional Company



Flag of the 13th Provisional Company

Articles of Inception of the 13th Provisional Company, 3rd Marik Militia

Art. 1 – Trooper, you are a volunteer serving House Marik with “Honour and Fidelity”.

Art. 2 – Each trooper is your brother in arms whatever his nationality, his race or his religion might be. You show to him the same close solidarity that links the members of the same family.

Art. 3 – Respect of traditions, devotion to your leaders, discipline and comradeship are your strengths, courage and loyalty your virtues.

Art. 4 – Proud of your status as Trooper, you display this in your uniform, which is always impeccable, your behaviour always dignified but modest, your living quarters always clean.

Art. 5 – An elite soldier, you will train rigorously, you will maintain your weapon as your most precious possession, you are constantly concerned with your physical form.

Art. 6 – A mission is sacred, you will carry it out until the end respecting laws, customs of war, international conventions and, if necessary, at a risk of your life.

Art. 7 – In combat, you will act without passion and without hate, you will respect the vanquished enemy, you will never abandon your dead or wounded, nor surrender your arms.



Colors of the Marik Militia

When the concept of the 13th Provisional Company, 3rd Marik Militia was initiated, it was determined that a unit outside traditional forms was required to place all the new “conscripts” culled during the initial preparations for the coming civil war. As the 3rd Marik Militia was well supplied and supported as Anton Marik’s personal regiment, they were seen as the likely place to situate a collection of questionable troops.

As the fighting and battles from the unit’s inception in 3014 through the victorious initial battles to the horrendous casualties taken by the 3rd on Park Place, the 13th proved to be tenacious, if sometimes less skilled warriors. None surrendered their arms until the bitter end was plainly before them and even then, only after facing three equal regiments of troops and two weeks of brutal fighting.

The entire senior staff and officers corp of the regiment was taken and executed after the treason trials on New Delos. Captain Nadia WInson, the officer directly responsible for the 13th Provisional Company, was among the leadership executed, and the remaining warriors of the company (or rather, those who were caught piloting Mechs during the last battles, since not all were formally trained) were summarily tried and sentenced to a life of hard labor in System – Pilpala. Their dependents were likewise summarily sent on ahead to the same facility; a State-sponsored prison mining outpost along the Liao border.

The legend of the 13th Provisional Company, however, had barely begun…

13th Provisional Company

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