Primary Timber Trees of Aurore


Aurorewood is actually a general term applied to the many types of large plants found on System – Aurore; all native plant-life tends to be massive, leathery, and either blue or charcoal in color. The local equivalent of trees, Aurorewood tend to be low with thick, spreading caps or foliage masses. The type known as “Broadtops” is the most commonly exploited as wood for construction and crafting; they resemble Terran mushrooms, up to ten meters tall, and are noted for their light, strong wood. This wood is an extremely lucrative export product, with a market value equivalent to white mahogany or pernambuco.

Cost : 4000 Cs per ton
AFF : The Starlords – “The Brotherhood”



“Emperor Parasol” Aurorewood

Found nearly everywhere on Aurore in her temperate zones, Aurorewood is both popular and highly useful in local construction and as a limited luxury good for export off-world. Equivalent to rare forms of cedar in terms of value, it is also fragrant and the tinge of purple to the wood is naturally attractive. Careful application of oils and proper finishes leads to a bright and deeply organic wood grain. It’s strength is hidden by its light weight.


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