Bank of Aurore

National Bank of Pirate's Haven Cluster


An important financial institution, acting as the liaison office for Aurore’s limited off-world trade. It further provides bonding services to visiting pirates in the employ of the Cluster and other professionals in the employment of the government. Contract fees are held here until successful completion of the service, and the officers for the facility are known for their ardent impartiality.

Trade Symbol : BkAur
Home Office : System – Aurore
President/CEO : Marshal Melissa Jargus
Founding Date : February 23rd, 3001.


Initially known as the “Aurore Depository”, the bank was planned as a simple armored storage facility for the government’s hard currency. Over the last couple generations, the increasingly professional aspect of the planet’s Militia forces, and the increase in off-world trade through its dummy transport corporation, Planet Express required a little more forward thinking.

When ComStar took an interest in the Cluster, they brought with it the final piece of the puzzle; hard currency. Along with technical advisers and various components to rework the local industries, they brought C-Bills. The government accepted Cs as the common currency, and employed the renamed “Bank of Aurore” as their medium of exchange. In the years since, it has acted as the closest thing to a true bank available to the planet. Today, the Bank of Aurore maintains only a single branch on each Cluster world, with its primary HQ located in Tanstaafl City, and is very important to the stabilization of the Cluster’s economy.

Much of the bank’s wealth is traced to brokerage of rare goods and supplies, gemstones, power metals (radioactives) and salvaged parts and vehicles, accepted from visiting pirates, and resold off-world. Now holding considerable assets, the bank represents not just a currency exchange, but a rare goods exchange, as well. It holds auctions for its collected wealth each month, and is a popular destination for many pirates seeking a “new” ’Mech.

Bank of Aurore

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