Blue Mountain Mining Company

Major Mining concern of the Garcia district


A family-run mining concern that has dominated all major mining efforts in the district for almost 150 years. In addition to its main concerns of silver (and lead) mining, the company has recently begun exploiting bauxite reserves found near the site of their oldest mines.

Trade Symbol : BluMtnComp
Home Office : System – Dumassas
President/CEO : Elton Suarez
Founding Date : August 1st, 2882

The company has a focus on the exploitation of silver as the reserves to be found in their corner of Garcia are well-stocked with such wealth. Smaller copper, lead and gold deposits are also found, but of less interest. Recent exploitation of the chromium and bauxite reserves found near Diablo Mines, however, have begun to show more long-term profitability for the family, and are increasingly more dominant in funding and equipment purchases.

The company maintains a large mining complex in Ojos de Deos that includes a series of barracks for company miners, an impressive stamping mill, and a recently refurbished smelter that can handle all the ore mined in the district. Access to water has always proven difficult, however, and the stamping mill needs a more secure source. The family home is a sprawling manor on a nearby hill, that also acts as the center of their small mining empire.

Recent investment by Garcia Electrical Authority has built a few small wind generators to support local refining efforts, and they are in the process of developing more in the region over time.


Porocel Corporation : A new subdivision of the company, Porocel processes both raw bauxite mined in the region, as well as recycled aluminum, into refined aluminum for use by various other industries, but primarily the Mercado Industrial Group, Aegira Technologies, and * Husky Heavy Industries in Garrison.

The Porocel complex uses a new series of processes that are unique to this facility, and are considered a trade secret; the Aluar aluminum processing facilities in The National Legionary Tragnar see this as a direct threat to their survival. The facility is located in the Liberty Town district of Ciudad Garcia.



The Blue Mountains


Originally a small mining effort by a settler family, within a generation it became apparent that the only means of profitability, was consolidation. The family established the company Blue Mountain, and began buying-out smaller claims. Within a generation Blue Mountain were the primary concern in the town of Ojos de Deos.

In 2903, another small company formed in the area, the Oxide Copper Company, and the two competed for labour and space for many years, until 2934, when Oxide Copper ran out of its lodes, and folded. Selling its claims and equipment to Blue Mountain on the cheap proved a boon to the latter company, and the family used their profits to build a stamping mill and a small smelter.

For several generations, the family maintained a slight series of profitable years, bringing a school and teachers in to help train miners and their families in basic math, reading and other useful tools in the mining trade. However, as equipment wore-out, and lodes began to decline, interest and profits disappeared.

In 3010, Taurus Majoris Mining surveyed the region and found several large lodes nearby; all old claims held by the Suarez family from their consolidation efforts. The family received TMM investment for new equipment and trained experts, in exchange for profits from the new sites, and the family quickly leased exploitation of these resources to small mining concerns, and rocketed to wealth and success.

Over the last couple decades, the family has backed many smaller silver-mining efforts in the region, including the new towns of Dorado and Diablo Mines, but their bauxite deposits in Diablo Mines have been most important, as it is a primary resource in the increasing industrialization of the district as a whole. They have found reasonable off-world markets for these goods, despite several recent trade disruptions.

In early-3028, the company built a small refinery in the Industrial Sector of Ciudad Garcia, to better serve their burgeoning bauxite production in Diablo Mines, quickly including recycled aluminum in the process. Today, the facility provides most of the needs for aluminum required by the numerous new industries in the district, and is today considered the second-largest aluminum processor on the planet.

In late-3029, the company introduced several new waste recycling technologies, which actually improved their yields from formerly waste ore, and yielded a boost in their production. While believed to have been funded by off-world interests, many claim the company actually gained the techniques from Aegira Technologies in exchange for a portion of the improved yields.

In late-3031, the company expanded to exploit a large bauxite reserve located near The Independent Territory of Maroon, largely with funding by Dingo Brand Corporation. The ore is shipped out and processed at the company’s Porocel refinery in Ciudad Garcia.

Blue Mountain Mining Company

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