Blue Rock Candy Mountain

Possible site of the "Last Stand" of the Taurian Defenders


Blue Rock Candy Mountain was a secret Taurian Concordat facility designed solely as a repository for its various high-end combat technologies, to last until such time as the knowledge could be retrieved.

Surrounded by the wreckage of an entire regiment’s Mechs and armor and the bones of the fallen, this cold, snow-swept valley proved to be a good site for the facility, as it eluded even the Star League’s best to discover.

The facility held an intact data core with the following blueprints for prototype technologies, which have since been exploited by the Iron Dingoes own scientists;

Beagle Active Probe – Prototype
CASE – Prototype
Double Heat Sink (Prototype)
Endo-Steel (Prototype)
Ferro-Fibrous Armor (Prototype)



Built during the chaos of the final years of the Reunification Wars, the facility was also the site of the last great battle on planet, between the force of the Star League, and the last defenders of the planet’s Taurian military.

The facility was left alone for centuries, but eventually ferreted out by * “The Iron Dingoes” following various clues as to its whereabouts. The facility was guarded by a lone robotic AI that attempted to stop the Dingoes marine force, but eventually fell, though not before activating its self-destruct that forced the thermal generator below the facility to blow, eradicating all proof of its existence.


Today the valley is a smoking volcanic crater in the heights of the Blue Mountains, south-west of The District of Garcia, in the unclaimed nexus of the Blue, Zamora and Sangrian Mountains. Recent tremors and related eruptions south of these mountains, such as the Volcán de Fuego have many seismologists concerned that a fundamental shift is in progress.

Blue Rock Candy Mountain

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