Condor Heavy Hover Tank

Heavy Cavalry Tank


Condor Heavy Hover Tank (50 tons)

Power Plant : Jones 165 ICE
Cruise Speed : 86.2 kph (8)
Flank Speed : 129.4 kph (12)

Armor : Star Slab/9.5 Mk II (Armor Factor 96) : 6.0 tons
Front – 30
Right Side – 15
Left Side – 15
Rear – 14
Turret – 33

Armament :
One (1) GM Whirlwind AC/5 (Turret)
Ammo (AC/5) : 20 (Body)
Two (2) Defiance B3M Medium Lasers (Turret)
One (1) SureFire MiniGun Machine Gun (Front)
Ammo (MG) : 100 (Body)
Cargo (0.3 tons) : (Body)

Manufacturer : Red Devil Industries, Pandora (Lyran Commonwealth)
Communications System : TharHes KR-A P/Comm
Targeting and Tracking System : TharHes Mars 1

Notes : 1,217,000 Cs



Overview : A heavy cavalry unit designed for rapid reaction to a shifting battle, the Condor was one of Red Devil’s first military products, produced and sold since just prior to the formation of the Star League.

Demand for the hovertank remained steady throughout the Succession Wars due to Red Devil using their significant influence to gain permission to sell to customers not currently hostile to the Lyran Commonwealth, namely the Capellan Confederation and the Federated Suns. Many of the vehicle’s critics point to the vehicle’s relatively high price tag, though much of that is attributed to the heavy tariffs the mercantile Steiner Empire has levied on all exports.

Capabilities : One of the fastest vehicles in its weight class, topping nearly 130 kph, the Condor’s speed is rivaled only by much smaller vehicles and BattleMechs. Its six tons of armor are concentrated mostly on the front and turret, giving it considerable survivability on high-speed passes, but leaving it critically weak on its sides and rear. Many Condors are destroyed due to this weakness, as would-be targets try to use dispersed formations to take advantage of the armor distribution.

Its weapon systems are varied, but adequate. Turret-mounted medium lasers and an autocannon provide the bulk of the firepower, while a single MG is used to fend away infantry attacks. When Red Devil decided to mount Defiance B3M Medium Lasers on the Condor, Defiance Industries refused to lisence the lasers, forcing Red Devil to create an odd bounty program for slightly damaged lasers. The program brought in lasers at the expense of Defiance-built machines like the Zeus, which were gaining reputations as deathtraps. Defiance moved to protect its reputation by finally licensing the laser to Red Devil (which subsequently licensed the laser to Exeter Organization for use in the Pegasus).

Deployment : The increase in trade between the Federated Suns and Lyran Commonwealth has dropped significant tariffs levied against exports to the FedSuns military, increasing their use in that military. Concerns about exports to the Capellan Confederation are growing, however.

Variants : As an old vehicle design, the Condor has seen many changes such as an improved internal combustion engine, better weapons and armor, as such becomes available.Official updates, however, have never been produced, due primarily to the prevalence of BattleMechs in most forces, relegating these vehicles to a lesser role.

AFFS forces, however, tend to strip the existing weapons for twin AC/2s at the expense the lasers and the heavier autocannon. Capellans tend to remove the GM WhirlWind for lasers.

Condor Heavy Hover Tank

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