Contract - Operation : "Lasting Influence"

Sub-Contract with the "Dead Man's Hand"


MRB Mercenary Contract – “Operation – Lasting Influence”

This agreement, executed between Sangrian Government (hereafter designated “Employer”) and the Iron Dingoes (hereafter designated “Unit”), provides employment for the Unit and military and support forces in the service of the Employer. This employment is subject to the terms and conditions outlined below.

I. Mission : The Unit is hired for the performance of a mission planned and assigned by the Employer, defined as a Static Defense (Cadre) mission under the conventions and usages of contemporary military terminology. Said Unit will perform all operations that fall within the framework of this mission, as well as serving the general interests and needs of the Employer. If the Unit has been hired on retainer , the following types of missions are specifically excluded during the length of service : None.

II. Forces : The Unit agrees to provide combat and support forces, estimated at 40 squads of combat and/or combat support troops, as of the date this contract goes into effect. The Employer reserves the right to terminate the agreement is actual forces mustered at the time this contract goes into effect are 75% or less of the originally estimated forces., or if they exceed the agreed-upon strength by more than 10%, unless excess troops serve for no more remuneration than as originally designated in this agreement.

III. Length of Service : This contract will remain in effect for 10 months, commencing on the 1st of January, 3021 and concluding on the 31st of October, 3021. On the commencement date, the Unit agrees to be located in the system of Dumassas; if the unit fails to appear by the said date, Unit shall relinquish 5% of its fee. Upon termination of this agreement, the Unit will be discharged from all duties and responsibilities to the employer, unless discharge is superseded by a fresh agreement.

IV. Remuneration : The Employer agrees to pay 12,500 C-Bill-equivalents per combat squad per month to the Unit, amounting to an estimated total 5,000,000 C-Bill-equivalents. This money is to be paid out through representatives of ComStar, and will be paid to the Unit upon completion of the mission. Up to 25% may be advanced, though such demands attachment of a ComStar representative to the Unit HQ as a surety of bond.

V. Command Rights : The Unit hereby agrees to place itself under the overall direction of the Employer. The Employer will implement this direction through the assignment of a Liaison Officer to the Unit for the period of the contract. The Unit is guaranteed to retain internal coherence and consistency of its command structure within the usual limits of these assigned command rights.

VI. Transport : The Employer agrees to provide for the interstellar and/or interplanetary transport of the Unit. 0% of the Unit accepts Employer interstellar transport, and 0% of the Unit accepts Employer interplanetary transport. The Employer shall pay the Unit 0 C-Bills to reimburse the Unit for providing transport to the Unit and any auxiliary portion thereof.

VII. Supply : The Employer agrees to monthly provide the amount of 0 C-Bill equivalents of consumables for the logistical support of the Unit. Resupply of munitions and other specific battlefield materiel after each major battle or campaign shall consist of 0 C-Bills worth of consumables over and above said supply requirements.

VII. Salvage Rights : All equipment, vehicles, and other war materiel recovered by the Unit from enemy forces, depots, garrisons, industrial or civil centers, prisoners, and other sources shall be subject to the following claims and terms of division to be “Merc Claims”, meaning all materiel captured by the unit is owned by the unit, in addition to any normal income.

IX. Other Terms : Other terms of this contract, agreed to by both parties, shall be negotiated on a case by case basis and attached, individually signed and witnessed, as riders to this document.

It is assumed the Unit shall establish their presence in the Royal Barracks Complex, in the Capital District for the Department of the Interior of the nation-state of Sangria.

Upon arrival in Sangria, the Unit will begin to act as “advisers” training and advising Royal Infantry Brigade in the art of “Combined-Arms”, including the use of and defense against BattleMechs and the counters to their strengths.

Upon completion of this contract, the Unit may choose to renew it for for another year, with an open-ended offer to continue employment with the Government of Sangria.

Signed at Ciudad Garcia, the District of Garcia, Sangria, Terramatrix on this 2nd day of August in the year 3019 AD.

Senior-Captain Veruca Loiuse Salt
Commanding the Dead Man’s Hand Battalion, of the Iron Dingoes Mercenary Company

Signed at Ciudad Garcia, the District of Garcia, Sangria, Terramatrix on this 29th day of November in the year 3020 AD.

Sub-Altern Pérez Quiñones
As representatives of the government of Sangria, in the Dumassas (Terramatrix) system.

Witnessed by : Adept Caitlan Clarke of Comstar


The first official contract taken by * “The Dead Man’s Hand” as an independent unit of * The Iron Dingoes (TO&E). It was hoped it would act as a means for the unit to build its own espirit-de-corps, as well as earn the unit some extra cash in the short term. The unit took residence in the Royal Guard Barracks of the government of Sangria on December 23rd, 3020, with the contract beginning January 1st, 3021.

In May of 3021, the nation broke into civil war following the assassination of the President, and within days,the unit had been recalled to protect and defend the remnants of the government in the capital at San Succi. Weeks later, the mercenaries escorted the survivors and their families into exile in The District of Garcia, along with the bulk of the nation’s hard currency reserves and the noble family and owners of the Banco Nacional de Sangria.

The unit successfully completed their contract on October 31, 3021, and began several months of down-time while they began looking for a new contract.

Contract - Operation : "Lasting Influence"

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