1st Taurian Rangers

Baron Sarne's personal strike force


The 1st Taurian Rangers (Regiment/Regular/Fanatic)“First in the Fight”


The mission of the 1st Taurian Rangers is to perform as a rapid-response force, reacting quickly to enemy moves to reinforce the defenders of an attacked world. The first four battalions operate for the most part independently, combining only with each other (and with the command company) for major actions (such as strikes against large pirate bases). The unit is based from System – Serenity, where it maintains a landhold and its dependents.

A mixed regiment of Mechs, Armor, Infantry, Artillery and Aeros, pieced together by Baron Kenton Sarne from largely Periphery origins. This unit is known to have extensive experience dealing with pirate forces in the Systems Constellation – “The Taurian Outback”, and has proven capable of complex engagements such as planetary invasions, provided they are supported by mercenary BattleMech forces. It is rumored the entire organization was the brainchild of Brigadier Karolina Kross “Cover Girl”, and she still wields considerable influence over its day-to-day operations.

The 1st Taurian Rangers are considered to be a “Regular Combined-Arms Regiment (Reinforced)”. In certain matters, such as piracy suppression, they are known to have specific elements of Veteran capabilities. The development of the 2nd Taurian Rangers was as an offspring from this unit, drawing its officers from within the 1st to provide a backbone of experience the new unit’s formation.



To date, most of the action of the 1st Taurian Rangers has occurred in the Systems Constellation – “The Taurian Outback”, reinforcing planetary militias whose worlds were under attack by independent pirates. The highlight of their activity was during the 3017 invasion of the System – Dunkelheim, where they eliminated 80% of the pirates in the Capellan Marches, that had bound themselves together in a coalition under Colonel “White Death”, known as the “Claim Jumpers”.

The unit is fiercely loyal to Baron Sarne and despite a professional appearance, often reveal themselves to be strongly independent and having Periphery and often pirate origins.

The unit consists of a mixed Command Company, two mixed Line Attack Battalions, another battalion of Armored Cavalry, and a final battalion of Air Assault troops. A fleet of DropShips is assigned to the regiment, consisting of an Excalibur-Class DropShip, a pair of Union-Class DropShips, a pair of Condor-Class DropShips, and a single Mule-Class DroipShip to provide supplies and salvage. Assigned to these are a pair of Invader-Class JumpShips, and the fleet command is aboard “The Renegade”, an ancient Explorer-Class JumpShip, with a rich history and legacy in Taurian service.

The unit is based from System – Serenity, and operates in battalion-sized operations across the nearby Constellation, only gathering as a single unit to fight when a bandit group or other large force is identified. This relative inactivity as a cohesive unit may have taken some of the edge off their combined combat ability.

1st Taurian Rangers

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