H-3 Horizon "Blue Lotus" Compad


A Compad (or Datapad) is a small, usually low-cost, electronic device used for storing information. Taking the place of the more primitive book, a datapad can store textual, graphic, and holographic data. They are commonly used as notebooks, day planners, calculators, and sketchpads. Some models can interface with and download information from larger computer networks via cable or other hard-line connection. Most datapads come standard equipped with a touch-sensitive color screen, headphone ports, and micro power packs.

The Horizon “Blue Lotus” Compad Series is possibly the most widespread Compad in the Inner Sphere, with the H-3 Horizon being an older, but still very functional system.

Equipment Rating : D-C-A
Cost/Reload : 150 Cs
AFF : -
Mass/Reload : 200 grams (0.2 kgs)

Notes : Portable; Requires Micro Power Pack or Plug (0.1 PPH), Text-Reader/Writer Only.


Compads vary in size, from palm-sized devices to larger units designed for two hands. A common datapad is the Companion 2000, which weighs less than one kilogram, and costs around 100 Cs. Produced by MicroData Technologies__, it offers a wide range of datapad models.


A Companion 2000 Model made by MicroData Technologies

Datasticks with specific information stored on them (for example, star charts, encyclopedias, tour guides, law books, or works of fiction) are also widely available. These datacards can be loaded directly into a datapad for easy access. Many independent planetary governments are legally obligated to provide such materials (especially regarding local laws) to all off-worlders.

Datapads are essential as note-taking devices. Military officers and civilian managers frequently use their datapads to take notes and store information concerning their missions and tasks. Mercenaries often use datapads to store mission information on their targets, locations, contracts or other vitals. Personal datapads of this kind are often designed to erase all stored information if not handled correctly. Some “modern” datapads can be rather sensitive; a datastick with dirt on its surface could ruin such a datapad’s electronics.
Some datapads designed for use in colder climates have oversized keys to ease key manipulation for users wearing thermal gloves.


The “Blue Lotus” line of computer technology is still in limited production by the Blue Heron Computers Corporation based from its production facilities on the Kurita border world of Nirasaki. This corporation still sells their ancient, though still high-tech desktop computer systems in most Inner Sphere markets, though they are best known for their popular (and portable) Noteputers and Compads.

H-3 Horizon "Blue Lotus" Compad

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