HG-762 "Holy Grail" Assault Rifle

Standard Ballistic Rifle of the Terramatrix military forces.


The HG-762 “Holy Grail” assault rifle is a general purpose automatic firearm. Chambered with the same 7mm ammunition as most assault rifles, it is one of the most powerful of the generic assault rifles to be found in the Periphery. It has the same basic statistics as other assault rifles. However, it is a proven design, and popular in the almost constant conflicts to be found along the Hyades Rim. It is more durable than the traditional BM-118 Assault Rifle rifle in use by most Periphery forces, with a larger ammo capacity but identical in all other aspects.

Equipment Rating : C-A-A
AP/BD : 4B/4B
Range : 30/75/170/415
Shots : 30
Cost/Reload : 80/2 Cs
AFF : Indumil
Mass/Reload : 4.5kg/480g

Notes : Burst : 15; Recoil : -1.



Indumil 5.56mm AR “Ball” Rounds

The HG-762 “Holy Grail” AR was designed and manufactured by an industrial company in the former capital of the planet Dumassas, but its design has become rather widely spread and is now produced by numerous national interests across the nearby region. The Republic of Sangria once produced the rifle at its Indumil facility at San Succi, but this has since been moved to a new factory site in * Landhold : Garrison. Named for its value in Taurian hands during the Reunification War, its design has changed little over the centuries, and it remains popular among both military and police forces throughout the planet’s various nations.

The weapon employs a gas-driven piston system with no regulator. The weapon’s selective fire features are locked with a rotary bolt with two locking lugs that lock into recesses milled into the receiver. It can be employed in either one of the three standard firing modes; “Safety”, “Semi-Automatic” and “Fully Automatic”.

The Holy Grail also boasts a high-impact plastic handguard and pistol grip and a milled-steel mechanism. All exterior metal surfaces are phosphated for corrosion resistance and then coated in black enamel (except for the barrel, gas block and lower iron sight).

This weapon has completely replaced the BM-118 Assault Rifle in Iron Dingoes personal forces. The weapon sees widespread licensing across System – Dumassas, and is the primary small arms of most of its planetary militias, produced by both Buntar and Peregrine in their national munitions factories. Several nearby worlds in the Periphery are importing this weapon as their primary small arms as well, mostly from the Brass Dog plant.

The production facility at * Manticora, has also assisted in replacing the third-rate weapons systems of System – Gollere, and is the chief supplier of arms to the * Duchy of Tharn‘s substantial militia forces, as well as nearby System – Pa’an.


HG-223a SAR

Variants : The HG-762 can also be found in a shortened carbine variant, popular among paramilitary and police forces, known as the HG-223a SAR, or “Short Assault Rifle”.

In addition, the weapon can deploy with the IMC-40 Grenade Launcher, to give the user a degree of anti-armor and anti-personnel capability. This device is fairly expensive, and typically appears only as a support weapon at the squad level.


The * Manticora plant is located north of the capital city of Tharn City in "landhold-tharn, and was built in 2982 with the express permission and funding of the Mangai for the improvement of its planetary militia and colonial defenses. It manufactures various small arms and assorted munitions, but is also best known as the only planetary source of the heavier ordinance deployed by its various national forces.

HG-762 "Holy Grail" Assault Rifle

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