Horror of Hades


“Horror of Hades” – Union-Class Dropship

Type : Spheroid (Military)
Tonnage : 3500 tons
Dimensions :
Length : 81.5m
Height : 78.0m
WIdth : 81.5m
Crew : 14 (7e, 3p – 4 Gunners) Passengers – 12 Mech Pilots, 2 AeroFighter Pilots.
Skeleton Crew : Bridge 1p+1e; Engine 1e+1e
Cargo Complement : .
Bay 1 : Mechs (4) – 2 Doors :
Bay 2 : Mechs (8) – 2 Doors
Bay 3 : Fighters (2) – 2 Doors :

Life Boats : 0
Escape Pods : 7

Armament : 3 PPCs, 6 LRM-20s, 6 AC/5s, 5 LLs, 12 MLs.
Ammunition : 9 tons of LRM ammo, 12 tons of AC/5 ammo.
Drive System : Star League V250 : 630 tons
Heat Sinks 27 + 63 :
Thrust : 3
Overthrust : 5
Structural Integrity : 11
Fuel : 6 Thrust-Points (2.82 tons per Burn-Day) : 209 tons

First Introduced : 2708
Hull Laid Down : -

Armor Factor (16 points per ton) : 40 tons
Nose – 140 : PPC, 2 AC/5, 2 LRM-20, 2 ML
Right Side – 140 : PPC, 2 AC/5, 2 LRM-20, LL, 2 ML
Left Side – 140 : PPC, 2 AC/5, 2 LRM-20, LL, 2 ML
Fuselage – 160 : LL, 2 ML
Engine – 60 : LL, 2 ML



The Union-Class DropShip may be the most famous vessel in the Inner Sphere. Well-armed and armored, the Union is an extremely versatile ship. Though small enough for use in raids, it is powerful enough to be taken seriously in full-scale operations. The vessel is designed to transport a company of Mechs and their pilots to a planet, where they are either dropped into low orbit or are delivered directly to the surface.

The Union’s interior consists of three main sections. The lowermost section contains the DropShip’s Star League V250 Interplanetary fusion drive, fuel tankage, weapons bays, loading door, Mech drop doors, and the ship’s enormous landing gear. Leading up from the loading door is a heavily reinforced ramp that spirals up around the outside of the engine core and leads into the lower Mech bay.

The middle section of the Union consists of two Mech bays. The lower Mech bay is cavernous, with walls lined with four Mech cubicles, doors leading to the two AeroFighter bays, entrances to the four drop-chutes, and storage for repair parts and ammunition. A set of plates cover the ramp entrance in the floor, making an airtight seal between the bay and the ramp area when closed. In the center of the ceiling is a large circular opening to the upper Mech bay.

Though a skilled pilot could use this opening to get his Mech into the upper bay, its real purpose is to provide access to the heavy lifting and repair equipment located in the upper bay. Normal passage between bays is by a heavy elevator located in the drop chute.

The upper Mech bay is also quite large. Ringing the walls are the remaining eight BattleMech cubicles and entrances to the four drop chutes. In the ceiling above the hole in the floor is a set of large general-purpose cranes. The hole in the floor of the upper Mech bay can be sealed by a pair of large steel doors sturdy enough to support the mass of the heaviest Mechs.

The Union-Class flight control systems and the crew decks occupy the ship’s upper portions. The original design of the ship included a number of corridors ringing the double-occupancy quarters, a comfortable lounge, roomy mess facilities, and ample storage space for personal equipment. Electrical and hydraulic problems eventually led to a complete remodeling of the DropShip’s interior on over half of the original vessels. Though the wealthiest operators were able to completely restore the original layout, most ships were re-equipped with more spartan quarters; a single bunkroom for both crew and MechWarriors, minimal lounge /mess hall, increased air circulation space, and strengthened containment bulkheads around the weapons bays and ammunition storage. For some reason, the life support systems added to these “upgrades” created a stale odor to the air within the ship. Because this would add to the expense of yet another refit to the ships, this characteristic smell remains on many of them. The Overlord-Class DropShip, designed and constructed using very similar engineering plans and parts, shares these same characteristics.

The Horror of Hades was chosen as Starlord Cyr Milligan’s lead ship, following the reduction in crew he suffered during the attempted coup. The Horror is nothing extra-ordinary, but provides the means by which the Bloody Reavers can conduct their raids, and is now the sole DropShip in their fleet. It escaped in System – Tashrakaar, following a frantic mixed-arms fight outside his former flagship, the “Kiss of Death”, aboard their sole remaining JumpShip, The Mourning Star.

Horror of Hades

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