The Factory - Hydroponics Facility

Small Agricultural Facility on The Factory


Located along one side of The Factory – The Foundry, is a 2500-ton bay (Bay 4) that has been rebuilt to house an advanced Hydroponics Facility, originally intended to supplement the station (and unit) consumables, while its waste products are being shipped ground-side as cargo space allows, where it is slated for either the waste disposal facility in Garrison, or shipped to the BioDiesel Refinery in Miguel.


This facility is a large agriplex, and grows vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes, radishes and cucumbers), some fruit (netted melons, blueberries and strawberries), and a variety of herbs (chives, oregano, rosemary, sage and basil). All the station restaurants tend to use the hydroponics food first, and employ rice, wheat and corn products, as well as small quantities of pork, beef and chicken, all products shipped directly from the Dingoes own landholds in the * Iron Dingoes Autonomous District (IDAD), as they are cheap and readily available on a daily basis through the Whippet Transport Lines and its light cargo service.



Mostly assembled from salvaged hydroponics facilities located in the ruins on The Rock, the facility was first assembled in late-September 3020. It has maintained constant production ever since coming on-line, and has become a popular source of foodstuff for the citizens of “The Factory” and visiting travelers. In particular, many returning shuttle pilots and DropShip crews tend stock-up on goods from the hydroponics bays for their journeys among the stars.


In mid-3024, the hydroponics opened a small grocery in The Factory РThe Zócalo offering their produce to visitors and locals, due primarily to demands for its goods. This facility came under the Dingo Brand Corporation brand in mid-3025, expanding their revenues and folding the facility under that new label, to represent its interests internationally. The facility remains a wholly-owned Iron Dingoes property.

Despite two occurrences of HydroBlight over the years, the facility continues to turn a substantial profit, and is considered a keystone to the viability of the station to be self-sufficient. It is also considered one of the titular operations under the Dingo Brand.

The Factory - Hydroponics Facility

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