* The Iron Dingoes (TO&E)

Complete Unit Roster of "The Iron Dingoes".


Broken into various subordinate components, the “Iron DIngoes” is a moderately successful mercenary organization dating its origins to the 13th Provisional Company, on the failed side of the Marik Civil War.

Years of careful development and expansion, and being at the right place at the right time, have grown the unit to a reinforced combined-arms regiment with a reputation of generally completing its assigned tasks reliably. The unit has, however, gained a somewhat sinister reputation for presenting itself in mysterious circumstances, and possesses an increasing amount of LosTech.

Unit components include the following:

* “The Iron Dingoes” – Combined-Arms (Line) Battalion
* “The Dead Man’s Hand” – Combined-Arms (Line) Battalion
* “The Fold Fiends” – Combined-Arms (Line) Battalion
* The Blood Raiders – Combined-Arms (Line) Company
* “The Cerberus Command” – Infantry (Cadre/Marines) Battalion
* The Sangrian (Air-Mobile) Training Cadre – Infantry (Cadre) Company
1st Ghost Battalion “The Shadow Ghosts” – Infantry (Foot) Battalion
2nd Ghost Battalion “The Bronze Ghosts” – Infantry (Foot) Battalion
3rd (Guards) Rifle Infantry Battalion “The Jungle Cats” – Infantry (Motorized) Battalion
4th (Paratrooper) Rifle Infantry Battalion – “Yarará” – Infantry (Paratrooper) Battalion
9th (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Battalion – “Boar Hunters” – Infantry (Motorized) Battalion
12th (Jungle) Rifle Infantry Battalion – “El Cazadores” – Infantry (Jungle) Battalion
11th (Light) Armor Company – “Red Scorpions” – Armor (Light) Company
12th (Light) Force Recon Company – “Red Foxes” – Infantry (Force Recon) Company

* “The Dingo Pack” – Administrative & Technical Battalion
* “The Dingoes’ Fangs” – Military Intelligence Company
* Iron Dingoes Medical Corps – Hospital/Medical Company
* “The Iron Dingoes Skunkwerks” – R&D Company

* “The Scrapyard” – Technical Supplies and Equipment Group
* The Iron Dingoes Demesne – Unit Landholds Group


The Marik Fringe : Formed from the shattered remnants of the 13th Provisional Company of the 3rd Marik Militia, this collection of pilots and techs managed to survive the purges following the Marik Civil War, but at a cost. Stripped of their possessions and sent to the prison planet of Pilpala, they were able to escape custody over the planet of Claybrooke, though they destroyed their prison transport, the Ice Hook, in doing so.

Landing in the middle of the main starport, they wasted no time in salvaging what they could, before sacking a nearby militia base of its BattleMechs, using a stolen starport security van (now known as “The Football”) to gain access to its vehicle pool. Destroying the reserve base utterly, they then moved into the mountains and rough terrain of the Black Hills north of the planetary capital of New Denver.

Salvaging anything that could be a potential source of spare parts, they absorbed two small bands of local rebels and bandits, and sacked a hidden supply station used by the most powerful bandit force on the planet, the Panther Strike Gang. As the months passed, they sacked a munitions supply train, several small mining concerns and even raided a Consolidated Foods Agriplex near the territorial market town of Deadwood, before ensuring the utter wrath of the planet’s junta leader, Lt. Colonel “Razor” Chestine. Before the winter had passed, she dispatched her entire reserves into the region, to seek-out and eradicate the “…band of hooligans…” that were ravaging her munitions and support.

While several mixed companies of hover armor and BattleMechs began to probe the Black Hills for the planet’s new bandit force, the Dingoes followed a forgotten satellite signal to an ancient mine known as “Eden’s Promise” by the locals; though no one could remember exactly what was mined there, only that it had lain abandoned for several centuries. What they discovered has never been revealed, though the fact they began to field several Star League vintage mecha from this point, hints that there was likely a Cache of some sort at the site. Colonel Chestine is known to have taken a particular interest in the site during the following Spring, and she quickly re-built her resource base following its exploitation. The unit also acquired their Seeker-Class Dropship, the “Dingoes Den” during this time, which hints that they were responsible for destroying the mercenary band, the “Outback Irregulars”, that were employed by Consolidated Foods to hunt down the new bandits, but had disappeared into the Northern Territories.

The crowning effort of the unit on Claybrooke, was the sacking of Deadwood itself. While Colonel Chestine’s forces were combing the Northern Territories, the unit slipped into the suburbs of Deadwood, and drove straight through the town past its defenses and Mech units to open the route for a horde of local resistance forces to ransack its foundries and free the politically enslaved workerforce. The Iron Dingoes then slipped off to the nearby railhead to rendezvous with their DropShips, and lifted off-planet, gaining passage aboard a commercial transport, the Tramp-Class JumpShip “Iron Vagabond”, bound for Pilpala.

After jumping in-system to Pilpala, and a quick burn to the planet, the Dingoes brushed aside a little resistance from two lances of heavy Aerospace Fighters, and (unknowingly) dropped on a hidden Marik Aerobase located near the Prison facility. From there, they conducted a cunning raid on the Orion Prison Complex, luring its defensive Mech forces away from the station, while they infiltrated the base with several infantry squads using a captured FWL supply Dropshuttle. A lance of medium Mechs took out the remaining APCs and defensive laser towers, while recon elements of the unit led the defending mecha into the rough terrain of the surrounding hills before rendezvous with their DropShips and dusting-off. Most of their missing command personnel were found, and taken off-planet with the unit, finally reuniting the scattered 13th Provisional Company into something of a whole once more.

Heroditus : The next couple months were a leisurely trip along the Periphery edge of Liao Space, before the unit reached the Periphery pleasure-planet of Herodtitus, where they began a period of rest, relaxation and re-organization. Upon arriving at Heroditus, the Dingoes formally incorporated as the “Iron Dingoes”; a Mixed Battalion, and spent a few weeks restructuring their unit and hiring new pilots, crew and staff. During this time, the Dingoes formally absorbed “The Snow Dusters”, and added their force of armor and infantry directly to the unit combat line, along with several smaller infantry units and individual soldiers hired to fill-out its ranks.

A month later, the Iron Dingoes managed to procure a minor contract helping a small mining colony defend against constant raids by unknown bandits, which led to a series of political and legal maneuvers that touched fairly high in both the planet’s noble Moot and its government security forces, the “Admirality”. It culminated in a legal battle for possession of a pair of DropShips and various “Black Ops” both against and for the Dingoes. As fallout of that legal fracas, the minor Hedonist noble House of Scrope was reduced from the Moot, and fled to their contacts in Liao space. In the end, however, the unit had procured a new DropShip, a Union-Class combat vessel, (The “Brush Wolf”) capable of holding their line Mech units and reducing the pressure on their logistics.

With six weeks to spend waiting for the Vagabond to return from a private trade mission, another round of recruitment began, including hiring a battered infantry command (“The Last Bastion”) from the civil war raging in the Periphery system of Patrician. Towards the middle of this latest round of new hires, the Dingoes began looking for VR training pods; partly because of its member’s addiction to them, but also because of the utility they viewed in training and maintaining their skills while in the void of JumpShip travel. Despite bureaucratic red tape, local mob interests, and a rogue mercenary command trying to claim the missing VR pods for themselves, the Dingoes raided the site and came away with twelve VR pods, a pair of training Chameleons, and salvage to pay the local mob boss, “The Ruler”, for his providing enough of a distraction for them to escape with the goods unnoticed.

Operation Overlord : Following another short recruitment drive, the Iron Dingoes began to gain the notice of the local media, and not in a good way. As matters began to spiral out of control, they managed to get a contract working for the Taurian Concordat, assisting an expeditionary force in assaulting a planet under the grips of a large band of pirates. The trip to Dunkelheim and the initial drops on the planet went well for the Dingoes, though their allied mercenary forces took heavy casualties. A landing zone was established only 20kms west of the planet’s starport, (known as “The Citadel”), for the unit’s assets and the supporting Taurian forces to land and prepare for their assault on the pirate “White Death’s” forces.

The initial assault had proven deadly, primarily because of extremely heavy defenses on the starport “Citadel”, and the local resistance fighters had knowledge that allowed the Iron Dingoes to be sent in (as the only viable Mech force on-planet, at present) without notice. Though a brief and brutal fight with some assault Mechs in the tunnels did some damage, several hours later, they emerged into the open area of the Citadel’s compound, looking to blow something up. They sent a small recon force into the maintenance facility, who managed to infiltrate and destroy the primary power generator for the entire starport, and followed-up with a rapid strike on the facilities naval laser towers and orbital missile bunker, destroying all their targets. Though they did only passing damage against the defensive forces of “the Citadel”, their raid allowed the remainder of TF 29 to assault the facility with minimal damage, making their actions very noteworthy and gaining the attention of the powers-that-be.

Next, after a short time to rest and refit their units, the Dingoes were assigned to pacify the region immediately to the west of the Citadel, known in military dispatches as the “Central Sector”. After a range patrol and a sharp fight with a lance of suicidal Mechs that tried (and succeeded) in slaughtering a number of civilian refuges under their very noses, the Dingoes moved to capture and hold the sector trade town of Hebron, and thus pacify the region. The assault of Hebron was a messy affair, that took its toll on the Dingoes, testing their fortitude and skills. Eventually successful, they also managed to halt a convoy trying to evacuate the city with several hundred tons of supplies, and spent several days mounting patrols and slowly repairing their Mechs in twos while they tried to establish formal ties with the town’s leadership. After a month of dealing with food riots, constant sabotage and the mind-numbing meetings with town council, they were relieved by a pair of Concordat infantry companies, and given two days R&R, in preparation for a new assignment.

Baron Sarne ordered his superior BattleMech forces to begin flanking the planetary capital of Goldberg, sweeping White Death’s outposts in a series of raids and steady attrition. In reality, Sarne detailed the Iron Dingoes to probe the city defenses and, if possible, end-run around the defenders in a rapid raid to swiftly and stealthily move towards the palace and command center of the government buildings, destroying it and any repair facilities situated in the area. The raid proved successful, taking-out numerous parts depots and the vehicles and techs within each that were hastily trying to repair White Death’s severe battle damage, as well as his primary command post. The resulting chaos began to tear his allied pirate forces apart.

Fleeing the ruined city center, the Iron Dingoes retreated to Hebron, in the face of a large force of mechanized infantry, and a pair of hover lances that followed along behind the Dingoes, pushing them forward. Arriving just as the Dingoes got into position, and were joined by a hot-drop of a pair of Mech lances and their supporting DropShip. While the infantry probed into the town center, destroying the erpair facilities and government center, the raiders, ientified as “The Shrieking Reapers” pirate band, struck at the refinery and industrial center. The resulting counter-raid again tested the Dingoes fortitude and skills, but ultimately the raiders were able to destroy the refinery in Hebron, and retreat. Though the Dingoes held the field, they were battered and in severe need of a break to withdraw, repair and refit.

Following the loss of the refinery, as well as a general collapse of White Death’s forces around the capital of Goldberg, TF 29 began to change their tactics. The unit was placed in “reserve” status to rebuild and reorganize for a month, while the rest of TF29 went on the offensive. The artillery assets of the Dingoes were requested to help reduce Goldheim’s defenses, while the Dead Man’s Hand was upgraded with better quality Mechs salvaged from the field. The unit officers attended a general meeting and personally met with Baron Kenton Sarne and his assistant, Brigadier Karolina Kross “Cover Girl”, for the first time. It is believed he offered them the chance to become “House Troops” following a long-term contract as cadre on a nearby planet.

At the month’s conclusion they began a rapid series of deployments. First, to an isolated ranch in the north that proved to be a site where “White Death” had been storing various goods and parts, including a couple dozen rare horses, various parts and vehicles, and a large quantity of supplies identified as essential to establishing a long-term colony somewhere… They returned to the Citadel spaceport, and after a short rest, were sent on a rapid insertion to seize “White Death’s” fleet of JumpShips at one of the planet’s Lagrange pirate points. The fleet included two Invader-Class JumpShips and a rare Tacker-Class WarShip that appeared to be a standard Merchant-Class JumpShip. The assault took its toll on the mercenary allies of TF29, however; it severely damaged “Bane’s Badgers” and destroyed “Veruca’s Visigoths”. But the Dingoes had accomplished their goal and captured “The Den Mother”. They returned to the Citadel for a short repair time, and were immediately sent off on another mission; the capital of Goldberg had fallen to TF 29, though at great cost.

The main thrust of TF 29 were engaged in sacking the capital, and so the Iron Dingoes were sent north to assault one of the last pirate strongholds on the planet, a fort/depot that required them to assault a pass, and remove its defenses before they could land units at the site. The unit gathered all its available Mechs (both Line and Reserve), its Line Armor and Infantry, and even brought their Starguards, intending to use them against any bunkers they might find. The entire Salvage Group of technicians was brought as well. A day into the trip, they realized their mistake; White Death jumped a 100,000 ton unknown WarShip (believed to be The Black Star into orbit above the starport, and dropped Mechs and APCs filled with suicide commandos onto the starport, targeting the mercenary troops of TF 29s DropShip transports. Though most of the Mechs and infantry were destroyed or forced to withdraw, they accomplished their task; mercenary forces were grounded and unable to engage in any orbital maneuvers until the end of the campaign, due to damage to their DropShips.

Recognizing their mistake, the Dingoes sent their Stargaurds back to their assigned DropShips, but moved forward, eventually forcing their way through the pass’ defenses to assault the mysterious “Depot 519”. After securing the facility (and capturing a Lion-Class DropShip), the unit salvaged what they could, and retreated from teh site, watching it self-destruct. Returning to “The Citadel”, the Iron Dingoes spent the following month conducting repair work, while many of its members underwent surgery for recent and long-term injuries, recovering while their Mechs were repaired. The uinit managed to procure an Invader-Class JumpShip, and a new Union-CLass DropShip in negotiations, and eventually agreed to a 20 month contract serving House Sarne as Cadre on a distant planet near Concordat space and in Systems Constellation – “The Outrim Void”. The rest of their time on-planet was spent in patrol work and hiring replacements and new troops to improve their task as contracted garrison and trainers.

The Chaos Principle : Jumping quickly using their Transport Authority Writ, the unit was able to travel to System – Taurus in record time, quick-charging their JumpShips whenever possible. The unit then spent a week at Joshua’s Station, rotating various Line troops through for some R&R, acquiring a large quantity of supplies, and arranging for others to be picked-up in six months. The unit paid for this with some excess Mechs and other scavenged goods taken from the battlefield. The unit then burned back to the jump-point and began the months-long journey to System – Dumassas.

The journey seemed to have few notable events, but in the Ganulph system, things took a turn. They encountered an act of piracy involving an Aegira Technologies JumpShip and its cargo of DropShips trying to reach Tauria with a cargo of super alloys, Jumpdrive parts, and super conductors. The pirates were destroyed or captured, and the Dingoes were able to add a new DropShip (the “Star Talon”) to their rosters, along with a battered JumpShip, The Starlight Seduction. They also gained a horde of new dependents and numerous prisoners-of-war, and encountered the mysterious Starlords for the first time.

Jumping to System – Dumassas along with the surviving Mule-Class DropShips from Aegira Technologies, the unit arrived a few days late, but the matter was over-looked due to their wiping a local pirate band from existence. The unit then burned to the planet Terramatrix, and after consulting with various local government and military leaders, the unit traveled to and took possession of the village of Garrison.

For more than a year the unit engaged local bandit forces and raised a unit a mixed defensive battalion, named the 4th (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Battalion – “Garcia’s Own” for The District of Garcia, providing military instruction and training. During the last few months of the contract, things boiled over, when a local Sangrian Loyalist force swarmed into the district intent on wrong-doing. Initial raids hurt the support units of the Iron Dingoes, and it put down an attempt to seize one of its DropShips by some of its own disreputable Mech pilots.

The invasion was intense, and brutal, but successfully halted by The Dingoes, culminating in a violent air war in the skies above the District, and a sharp urban brawl in the ruins of an old Mech factory. Once more, the unit succeeded, and spent the last months of their contract in bucolic peace, making money through trading arms and ammunition to pad their wallet for the next phase of their expansion.

While the contract had been in place, the unit had acquired rumor of an abandoned Snowden-Class Mining Platform, and had sent a survey team to investigate its possibility for acquisition in the System – Cassandra. Their return during the invasion helped tip the air war, and they brought information about “The Factory”. They had also sent their auxiliary forces, “The Iron Vagabond” with the “Betty” on some unit hush-hush mission back to Marik space, and they returned with weeks to go in their contract. They also entered into a small Cadre contract for a company of their infantry to remain on-planet training the local officers corp, coded Contract – Operation : “Show-and-Tell”, leaving them behind for a year, when they would be retrieved.

Beltstrike : With the close of the year and their contract with the Sangrian government established for some extra cash, the unit left System – Dumassas, for a five-system journey across Systems Constellation – “The Hyades March” to System – Cassandra and their hidden prize. Arriving in the belt system was quick, and within weeks, the unit had acquired loans from local system banks to procure parts and a management staff for their new landhold, “The Factory”. As repairs ensued, the unit dispatched their core forces to System-State – “The Unity of Promise” to gain a quick pirate-hunting contract and some needed capital.

Upon arrival in System – Promise, the unit took a contract to hunt one of three Fortress-Class DropShips marauding the borders of the small Periphery realm, choosing to investigate System – Sligo for evidence of their activities. The world had not just been raided by the pirates led by Pirate-Lord Cyr Milligan – Deseased, but its infrastructure eradicated, and the colony was in the process of dying. The Dingoes dropped during a raging snowstorm, and assaulted the pirates, following a spec ops raid to keep their DropShip on-planet. In the fight, they used their massed artillery to ravage the defenders, scatter their infantry, and ground their DropShip further. In the end, the defending pirates proved incredibly tenacious and suicidal, sporting LosTech of an unusual make and accuracy, but they fell to the Dingoes guns.

Looting the damaged DropShip and jury-rigging repairs, the unit installed a green crew aboard the ship and sent it off to get a full repair back at System – Promise, while the unit gathered supplies and awaited the return of their JumpShip, “The Den Mother”. They recruited a pack of techs and a group of mercenaries trapped on the dying world, and sat quietly in orbit as the planet slowly devolved. Eventually taking their JumpShip back through Promise space, they returned to “The Factory”, and planned for the incorporation of this new asset into the Dingoes line.

It was quickly apparent, however, that The Rock held more secrets, and the unit managed to uncover a LosTech cache from the asteroid, that included an ancient Explorer-Class JumpShip. As repairs to the station were nearing completion, they suffered a raid by pirates aboard a Gazelle-Class DropShip, but managed to keep them from doing more than minor damage to the station. As 3020 was nearing its close, the unit was witness to a series of political maneuvers in-system at System – Cassandra, following the death of the government’s war-hero and leader, President Murgon Astrofalk, an industrial group calling itself the Cassandra Industrial Alliance claimed all parts of the belt as “…open and free for exploitation…”. This forced the local system government to take a stand, and supported by the various independent habitats, primarily the Vineyard Habitat and Clear Habitat, demanded withdrawl of Alliance forces. It was clear that Excalibur Corporation was primarily behind the activity, and with war drawing close, the unit, having managed to fake its station’s active status, jumped out-system on a trip back to System – Dumassas, and a reunion of the unit’s fortunes…

* The Iron Dingoes (TO&E)

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