Kate/Leopold Support Vehicle

Boom Boom from Deadwood

weapon (ranged)

Kate/Leopold Support Vehicle (60 tons)

Power Plant : Jones 180 with EmissionKill ICE
Cruise Speed : 32.5 kph (3)
Flank Speed : 54.3 kph (5)

Armor : Star Slab/9 (Armor Factor 96) : 6.0 tons
Front – 33
Right Side – 25
Left Side – 25
Rear – 25
Turret – 36

Armament :
One (1) LT-3 CarseTech Long Tom 3 (Turret)
Ammo (Long Tom 3) : 15 (Body)
Two (2) Marklin Mini Missile SRM-2 Packs (Front)
Ammo (SRM) : 50 (Body)

Manufacturer : Canopus Industries Alpha, Canopus (Magistracy of Canopus)
Communications System : Magestrix Alpha
Targeting and Tracking System : Magestrix Gamma


A very uncommon weapon, it is considered to be the pride of most militias if they possess a Long Tom Artillery piece. Once the crowning remnant of many Star League defensive positions and formations, the remaining few are treated with reverence and care. Very few are stripped; most are maintained even when lacking key parts, since their strategic value out-weighs their actual worth to garrison crews.

Originally designed to act as static defense weapons, the addition of making them mobile by placing them on rail cars and specially-built tracked vehicles, makes them formidable strategic battlefield tools. Among the various types built, the most commonly encountered is the LT-MOB-25 Mobile Long Tom Artillery Even when removed from any mobile system, the unit is often mounted in a fortress, city or other static position.


LT-3 CarseTech Artillery Cannon Statistics

Damage Type : AE, F
Damage Value : HE : 25/15/5 (R2)
Artillery Range : 30 (Mapsheets)
Artillery Flight Time : 0(-), 1(1-8), 2(9-15), 3(16-21), 4(22-26), 5(27-30)
Shots : 1
Cost/Reload : 500,000/2000 Cs
AFF : Carse Technologies Corp
Mass/Reload : 20 tons/200 kgs

Note : -

Kate and Leopold were built specifically in 3018 for the junta in New Denver, and represented the heavy armaments that were being collected and built by Colonel Chestine’s junta. Each is a massive LT-3 CarseTech Long Tom 3 artillery cannon, built to specific requirements designed by the Deadwood Industrial Foundry, but technically equivalent to a rail-mounted LT-MOB-25 Mobile Long Tom Artillery.

Kate and Leopold were removed from their rail carriages and re-assembled onto the hulls of a pair of Pike Support Vehicles. These tanks had their AC/2s removed and the LT-3s installed in their turrets, while its internal artillery ammunition storage has been reduced to three tons (allowing 15 shots). The resulting weapon systems are both ugly and frightening – and thoroughly efficient. This variant has had its paired Marklin Mini Missiles and ammunition storage maintained for point defense.

They use a special ammunition that must be made specifically for them, each ton of which generates five (5) shots and costs 10,000 Cs to manufacture at a proper foundry and munitions plant, or at one of the unit’s weapons labs on “The Factory”. Blueprints and specific tools are available to the * “The Iron Dingoes Skunkwerks”.

Kate/Leopold Support Vehicle

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