KR-61 Class Long-Range Shuttle

Popular Long-Range Shuttle


KR-61 Class Long-Range Shuttle (100 tons)

Type : Small Craft (Aerodyne)
Tonnage : 100 tons
Dimensions :
Length : 20.5 m
Width : 18.0 m
Crew : 2 : 1p, 2 e.

Cargo Complement: 8 tons; 2 passengers (Steerage).
Bay 1 : Cargo (1 Door)

Armament : None.
Ammunition : None.
Drive System : Pitban 300a : (19 tons)
Heat Sinks 0 + 10
Thrust : 5
Overthrust : 8
Structural Integrity : 5
Fuel : 15 Thrust-Points (1.12 tons per Burn-Day) : 40 tons

First Introduced : 2598

Armor Factor(16 points per ton) : 10 tons
Nose – 140 : None
Right Side – 20
Left Side – 20
Fuselage – 70
Engine – 10


The long-range shuttle is used to transport small goods and personnel from a planet’s starport to its jump points and back again, thus freeing DropShips to do larger tasks. The KR-61 is just one of many varieties used across the Inner Sphere.

The KR-61’s streamlined fuselage is similar to the ST-46 Shuttle, but its interior is arranged differently. The craft has a much larger engine, for one thing and carries eight times the fuel (allowing it to make the long journey to and from jump-points). The fuselage is plated with ten tons of armor plate, twice that of its shorter-ranged cousin, because piracy remains a fact of life.

All these capabilities severely limit the long-range transport capabilities. The craft can only carry eight tons of goods, and has room for four people, including the pilot and engineer.

The cramped interior consists of two main compartments. The forward compartment is a combined cockpit and passenger section containing four bunks, the life support system, the food storage and processing facilities, and a tiny washroom. A door in the rear wall opens on the tiny cargo hold.

Measuring only a few meters square, the cargo section can hold eight tons of goods or equipment. The cargo compartment serves as the only airlock on the ship; all entry and exit points are through this compartment. For emergencies, a small access hatch is located underneath the floor of the crew compartment.

KR-61 Class Long-Range Shuttle

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