Loadmaster Exoskeleton

Cargo Loaders from the Past


Model number: Loadmaster Exoskeleton
Unit type: General Cargo Industrial Exoskeleton
Weight Class: Ultra-Light (500 kgs)
Manufacturer: Irian Battlemechs Unlimited, Shiro III
Operator: General Purpose Civilian and Military Logistics.
First deployment: Unknown
Accommodation: 1 Pilot.
Dimensions: 2.5 m Long x 1.0 m Wide x 2.5 m High.
Cargo: 1.5 tons (External).
Armor materials: None.
Powerplant: LM-3 Electric Powerplant, 4.5 hours endurance.
Propulsion: Personal Walker, 2 kph.
Equipment and design features: Paired Light Cargo Lifters, Headlights, Cutting Torch.
Fixed armaments: None.


Deployment : Originally produced as the P-2400 Powerloader, the present Loadmaster Exoskeleton was contracted and produced by the Duchy of Andurien for several centuries. It has proven popular in many venues, even being exported into other Great Houses, though the HeavyHauler has proven more popular in Davion space, mostly due to nationalistic fervor.

The Loadmaster is known for its robust nature and though heavier, has still proven manueverable and capable of doing the tasks for which it is intended. The Loadmaster is popularly seen in every transfer station, spaceport, cargo ship and major loading dock across the Inner Sphere.

Variants : There are no known variants, though sometimes individuals will place light armor plating on them to protect the pilot.

Loadmaster Exoskeleton

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