Malagrotta Crucis March Militia

Defensive Militia of the Davion Periphery


Site of the battle that triggered the Reunification War between the Star League and the Periphery states, System – Malagrotta has long been a source of conflict between the Federated Suns and the Taurian Cncordat. Despite the distances involved, Taurian raiders have targeted the world more often than any other border world, with the valuable titanium mins of Grex-Dex on the moon of Fontana the principal target. Initially private security forces managed the defenses of the world, but as the Succession Wars raged and the Taurian Concordat raids became more common, the Malagrotta CMM was created to counter them.

Lead officer of the Malagrotta CMM is General Aus Nordhiem, a graduate of the Warrior’s Hall on New Syrtis. Regular army, he has stressed the development of his Militia’s infantry forces, in particular, it’s marines. Politically he doesn’t do well, and suffers from supply problems as a result, but tactically and as an administrator, he is very good and manages to keep his force in supplies and parts, often depending on private contracts to meet his needs.

The Malagrotta CMM consists of the following:

Malagrotta Crucis March Militia :
Malagrotta CMM Armor Brigade :
2 Regiments/Green/Questionable
Malagrotta CMM Infantry Brigade :
5 Regiments/Green/Questionable
Malagrotta CMM Aerospace Wing :


As expected, the unit, as a general rule, stresses defensive maneuvers and Zero-G Ops, primarily due to its primary resource world being a mining moon. The unit is very capable of these sorts of ops, and has learned well to maneuver and fight in the one-third Gs of Fontana, as well as participating in boarding and counter-boarding actions.

Malagrotta Crucis March Militia

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