Mauser 960 Assault System

LosTech Infantry Laser Rifle


The infantry trooper of the Star League is the best-outfitted and -trained soldier in history. The Mauser 960 is the standard firearm of the infantryman of the Regular Army. It is a weapon designed for extended campaigns against a variety of opponents; BattleMechs, vehicles, fighters, or other infantry. Most importantly, it is a reliable system of firepower that is compact and easy to care for in the worst of conditions.

The primary feature of the weapon is its pulse laser system. It is supplemented by an auto-grenade launcher that fires a 210 gram grenade. The Mauser 960 also contains a survival pack within its stock. Its vibroblade is mounted as a bayonet and a sight for accurate ranged fire. In general it is intended to provide its operator an assortment of weapons to utilize under a variety of circumstances.

The grenade launcher is the weapon system’s greatest secret. Although its ability to fire either single-round or automatic-fire is nothing new, its variety of ammunition is unique. In addition to the traditional explosive, flash, smoke and thermite rounds, it also uses the “Thumper” rounds. These rounds explode with an adhesive that attaches a solar-powered transmitter that signals an enemy’s position. This marks opposing BattleMechs for further attacks by fighters and other more heavily armed forces. This ammunition is almost impossible to acquire in today’s markets, though knowledgeable armorers can make the rounds painstakingly by hand, round by round.

Equipment Rating : E/C-F-D/D
AP/BD : 3E/3B
Range : 55/170/365/740
Power Points per Shot : 2
Cost : 8,000
AFF : Star League
Mass : 10.5kg

Notes : Burst : 10; Recoil : 0; Includes a Detachable Vibroblade and a Compact Grenade Launcher.



Developed by Mauser & Gray Firearms, the Model 960 was a Pulse Laser rifle that also featured an integrated grenade launcher and retractable Vibroblade bayonet. Both the pulse laser and grenade launcher used the same trigger, requiring the use of a safety/selector switch located next to the bayonet activation button. Contained within the weapon’s stock was an extensive survival kit, which included two two-hour emergency flares which doubled as fire-starters, a flashlight and batteries for 48-hours of use, a pulse signal stick with visible/infrared strobe light and emergency radio, a folding spade and a medical kit which included a two-day supply of nutrition pills and a five-meter length of cable. Though capable the system had one serious drawback: It was very heavy. At its lightest the unit weighed just under ten (10) kilograms, which led to rapid fatigue of the infantrymen who used it.

Of the few original Mauser 960s which have survived into the 31st Century, most are in horrible shape and prone to malfunction, such as the selector switch being jammed, while the survival kit has typically been stripped for use, though the stock compartment can be used to store extra ammunition. Those in Iron Dingoes service are factory-fresh units taken from a cache on System – Redfield.

Mauser 960 Assault System

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