Maxim Hover Transport

Infantryman's Dreams Come True


Maxim Hover Transport (50 tons)

Power Plant : PowerTech 165 Highlift ICE
Cruise Speed : 86.2 kph (8)
Flank Speed : 129.5 kph (12)

Armor : ArcShield V (Armor Factor 88) : 5.5 tons
Front – 20
Right Side – 20
Left Side – 20
Rear – 12
Turret – 16

Armament :
One (1) SureSHot VI SRM-6 (Turret)
Ammo (SRM) : (15) – (Body)
Three (3) Heavy Machine Guns (Turret)
Ammo (MG) : (200) – (Body)
Three (3) LongFire V LRM-5 Racks (2xFT, RR)
Ammo (LRM) : (24) – (Body)
Two (2) SureShot II SRM-2 (RS, LS)
Ammo (SRM) : (50) – (Body)
Infantry Bay (Platoon) – (Body)

Communications System : Maxim New Standard I/O
Targeting and Tracking System : Maxim New Standard TargetTrack
Manufacturer : Hellespont Industries, Sian (Capellan Confederation)

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Overview : While many infantry transports have been popular, none have reached the iconic status of the Maxim. Designed and produced initially by Maxim Transport Industries, a start-up company on Al’Nair led by a retired infantry general, nobody expected just how quickly the Maxim would become a success. Now considered the meterstick for troop transports, the Maxim has proliferated to every corner of the Inner Sphere. Many units were overjoyed at being able to transport their infantry platoons in a single vehicle, as oppossed to three or four separate standard APCs. The company flourished and subsequently opened plants on Skye, Sian and have plans to open others on Atreus and Kathil once negotiations have concluded to expand their production.

Capabilities : The Maxim transport proved to be every infantryman’s dream come true. Its single infantry bay is configured such that an entire foot platoon can be carried with sufficient space to check weapons and move around comfortably. Its seats are well-padded and face towards the center of the bay, enabling the unit to speak and boost their morale. When debarking or mounting up, the Maxim’s crew can deflate the rear portion of the hover skirt, unlike other hover APCs, which require the engine to shut down first.

When inside a combat situation, the Maxim receives high marks as well. The vehicle can provide covering fire in any direction for a debarking infantry platoon with the hover tank’s short- and long-range missiles. The turret mounts a trio of rapid-fire MGs from various manufacturers to deal with hostile infantry.

Deployment : While hovercraft are popular choices for the transport of troops, the vulnerable hover skirts are often seen as a drawback in actual combat conditions. As a result, Maxims, despite their potent fire support for infantry units it deploys, the units are often sent away before actual combat to prevent unnecessary casualties. Only when their infantry require fire support, do the vehicles return to use their extensive weapons loads.

Variants : Like many other infantry transports, Maxim variants often just rearrange the weapons loads to match the unit’s preferences. Some replace the LongFire LRMs with more short-range racks, while others reorganize the missiles, to mount all the SRMs in the turret.

Maxim Hover Transport

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