MT-1B Light Troop Carrier

Light Troop Transport


MT-1B Light Troop Carrier (4 tons)

Power Plant : Terradyne 1200 Electric (Fuel Cells)
Cruise Speed : 21.1 kph
Flank Speed : 32.3 kph

Armor : Light Industrial (BAR 6) – (Armor Factor 12) : 0.6 tons
Front – 3
Right Side – 3
Left Side – 3
Rear – 2
Turret – 1

Armament :
One (1) MagnaStar Heavy Support Laser (Turret)
Ammo (HSL) 60 – (Turret)
Advanced Fire Control (Body)
Environmental Seals (Body)
Cargo (Infantry Bay) – (Body)
Cargo (570 kgs) : (General) – (Body)

Communications System : MilTech Relay
Manufacturer : Andurien Arms of Victoria, Capellan Confederation.



Overview : Modern warfare Tables of Organization & Equipment (TO&Es) tends to concentrate on the BattleMechs, AeroFighters and conventional vehicle forces in the conflicts of the Succession Wars. Often, the standard support vehicles are overlooked, but it remains a truth that the bulk of most forces depend on these mundane vehicles for daily tasks and transport. Often, infantry uses small unarmored transports and jeeps or motorcycles as their primary means of mobility, if they have access to anything at all, to transport its troops into massed formations or among the sprawl of urban centers.

Capabilities : The MT-1B Light Troop Carrier is one such vehicle. It masses out at a mere 4000 kgs, over a quarter of which is pressed into cargo hauling. Well-armored for its limited size, it is capable of resisting most small arms fire, and boasts the MagnaStar Heavy Support Laser in its turret, and bubble-style pintle-mounts for small arms fire from its infantry bay, though they can be sealed against foul weather. Its advanced fire control is good enough to be used in BattleMechs and heavier armor in need. In addition, the entire unit is environmentally sealed, and is capable of “swimming” across rivers, or at the least, surviving even the harshest cold weather. Capable of hauling a pair of heavy weapons squads, the vehicle proves very useful.

Deployment : Built originally by the small firm of Merkava Industries, on Victoria, the MT-1B saw limited deployment in the Marik Outback, with a handful sold into service among ice worlds and planets with frozen tundra. Though not terribly fast, its tracked suspension allows for a great deal of maneuverability through difficult terrain. With almost two tons of cargo space available, it has proven to be useful as both a logistical and troop transport.

Though originally marketed for military sales, it saw popular use in civilian markets as well, particularly among security forces in Periphery systems that lacked easily exploitable fossil fuels.

Variants : Used as a security vehicle, the MT-1B is typically improved with greater fuel cells for increased range and a larger electric engine for improved speed. In every other variation, cargo is swapped for improved weapons arrays.

MT-1B Light Troop Carrier

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