Brightwater Base

The Heart of Darkness


Brightwater Base


Lost in the depths of the Corazón Jungle, Brightwater Base is situated in a narrow canyon in the mountains west of Tuadann village. Built directly on the edge of a chasm where the Rio Tashent descends 100m in a spectacular waterfall from the mountain peaks. The roar of the waterfall tends to drown-out all other sounds; one must shout to be heard beyond 15m. It is accessible only through a narrow series of natural caves (large enough for a Mech), or through VTOL insertion through its small landing pad.

The base itself is established in a collection of light and medium strength buildings. Surrounded by a formidable wall of tree trunks and hull plating, the main gate is a deep cave, flanked by a pair of tall sentry towers along its length, and further built into an enormous alcove in the chasm wall.


Typical Infantry Camps of Brightwater

Within the Outer Base compound are a dozen (12) light barracks buildings (each capable of housing two platoons; 2 Battalion of Foot Infantry total), a heavy Mech Hall (large enough for 15 Mechs) and a Mess Hall, both of which are made of reinforced concrete. Crossing the chasm into the caves of the inner complex, are a pair of heavy bridges, that are sturdy enough for most tanks and any heavy transports to cross.

Across the first chasm bridge lies the Inner Base. Consisting of a narrow series of tunnels dug directly from a natural series of caves, are an open garage and motor pool capable of maintaining numerous transport vehicles, a company of armor (12 light/medium tanks), and two (2) companies of infantry (250 troops). In addition to ample fuel storage and water storage dug into the stone of the chasm, the facility has two small Westinghouse W251-B11 Gas Turbine ICE generators of a conventional nature, with sufficient fuel supplies to run for six (6) months without access to outside fuel sources, or a year if only one remains operational to conserve fuel. Lower levels of activity can be maintained for greater periods of time. Each generator can provide 47MW of energy generation, and are distinctly new in origin.


Brightwater Landing Pad

Placed higher in the chasm, across the second bridge, lies the small Landing Field, carved from the living rock, and giving access to the base via VTOL, helicopter, or exceptional K-1 Class Dropshuttle pilot. Nothing else can land in the tight confines, and the marks of numerous landing efforts scar the sides of the chasm around the pad. A small monitoring station and exterior steel fuel tank is present, to provide re-fueling and landing operations for any visiting vehicles.


New Eden Bio Labs

Unknown to most, is the presence of the small and secret New Eden Complex, located just behind the landing platform, and accessible through the monitoring station. A small collection of natural caves burrowed into the cliff, and connected by hardened tunnels, the complex is a bio research facility, working on studying local flora and fauna for their genetic origins and adaptability.


The Clone Vats

Perhaps the end purpose of the entire base is to act as a cover for the study of cloning technologies. Most of the equipment for this part of the facility is centered on the study of these technologies, where local genetic material has been implanted in various human hosts to study the results. Four “Phlebotinum Vats” and accompanying surgical suites have been built into one chamber, providing four separate Rejuvination Suites. Another chamber is perhaps the most interesting, where a large tank is located, along with an impressive computer system and numerous other medical equipment. The tank was occupied…


The origins of Brightwater are shrouded in ancient history, but the facility was built as a simple outpost for rebel forces centuries ago, dating to the time of the Reunification War. Likely built by Taurian rebel forces, it is located in a relatively inaccessible location, and hidden from observation by both its remoteness and relative independence.

At some point in about a decade ago, outside forces began funding the local bandits, and within months, the facility was expanded underground into the caves formerly used only to store supplies and tools. A pair of surplus military generators were installed, fuel and water storage provided for, and a motor pool installed for storage and maintenance of support vehicles.

During this time, the small secret laboratory was drilled into the cliff just off the drop-pad. Named New Eden, the facility was staffed by a single scientist (and his four assistants) who worked for the mysterious backers of the base upgrades, conducting a strange series of experiments involving clones. Little more is known at this time.

When * “The Iron Dingoes” sacked the base, they salvaged everything they could over several days, and destroyed the remaining facility with tons of explosives… Nothing but a collapsed ravine remains at this time, though the lower cavern access remains intact.

As a further note to this location, some have suggested it might have been the remnants of “Silver Gulch”, the site of the Taurian Concordat’s resistance efforts during the Star League occupation during the Reunification Wars (2587)

Brightwater Base

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