The "Fangclaws" of Corazón



Nexu are a fearsome, agile quadruped that stalks the forests and deep jungles of System – Dumassas. They are the apex predator of the planet, and dominate local legends and folk-tales.

Homeworld : System – Dumassas
Preferred Environment : Forests, jungles.

Mass : 1000 kgs
Attributes : 34/36/3/6/6/6/3
Size : Large (+1)
BAR (M/B/E/X) : 2/0/1/1
Damage (AP/BD) : 1M/6
Move (W/R/S) : 7/12/48
Skills (A/P/S/T) : +4 / +5 / +2 / +1

Notes : These creatures can be domesticated and used as a guard beast.



Nexu have a triangular mouth and an intimidating, sharp-toothed grin. Their spine is lined with sharp quills, and they have a forked, semi-prehensile tail. Most of the Nexu species have two eyes, though a select Jungle species have a second pair that allows them to sense into the infrared. They have two sets of claws; a primary set of claws for hunting and combat, and a secondary set for climbing Terramatrix’s massive jungle trees.

Nexu use their extreme agility to their advantage. They can jump very high and from branch to branch in the larger trees. They pounce on their victims, seeking to grab prey in their vice-like jaws and shake them to death.

In their natural habitat, the Nexu tend to be solitary hunters. Rumor has that if captured very young and separated from their mothers before they learn to hunt (usually around three months old), they can be domesticated as guard beasts.

These rumors were first tested by Doctor Max Helmut “Moxie” in his “pet” project, the “Dingo Cats Project”. Through late-3024 and beyond, he has studied their territorial habitat and compiled a careful study of their habits and other important activities. He has also begun capturing several young pups using the tribal warriors of Tuadann to capture and raise them for his studies at domestication. These efforts are concentrated at this village, in a small compound dedicated towards this project.


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