Orkan-Class Space Plane

Converted Civilian Shuttle


“Orkan-Class” Assault Shuttle

Tonnage : 80
Dimensions :
Length : 20.5 m
Width : 12.0 m
Crew : 2
Cargo Complement : 12.5 tons, 32 passengers.
Armament : -
Drive System : Donner-Lawrence Fusion Mk-IV
Fuel : 30 tons
First Introduced : 2784
Hull Laid Down : -

Thrust : 4
Overthrust : 6
Structural Integrity : 4

Armor Factor : 80 (5 tons)
Nose – 20
RS – 10
LS – 10
Fuselage – 35
Engine – 5

Fire Factors : None
Nose : 4 MGs
Right Wing : 2 SLs
Left Wing : 2 SLs
Aft : -


Overview : Designed originally by the Terran architectural firm of Robert Lawrence and Son, and built on Luna by the well-known St. Lawrence Yards. It is very similar in layout and operation to the more popular Engel-Class shuttle which was used by survey fleets of many nations and foundations in the latter stages of the Star League.

Capabilities : The nose of the craft contains the avionics bay, communications equipment, and on-board computer systems. Directly behind this lays the cockpit, with acceleration couches for the pilot and technician/navigator. This area’s layout is cramped, but grants complete access to all system controls.

Aft of the cockpit is a small “crew” section", with stations for four passengers, intended to act as pay-load and mission specialists, as well as a token cargo area for special cargoes (such as mail or dangerous/ priority cargo). A provisions locker is built into the overhead, and provides sufficient emergency rations and supplies of a three-day duration for its crew.

The remainder of the Orkan is taken-up with its fuselage, engines and cargo/passenger bay. The thrusters have a variable vector ability, akin to an advanced VTOL, allowing the ship to land in unusual conditions without a runway. When in standard flight, the vessel can achieve a speed of 5000 kms per hour (Mach 4), granting an orbital achievement speed of just under nine (9) minutes to reach orbit from lift-off. Vectoring this engine between these two extremes, grants great maneuverability in flight operations.

One of the vessel’s most interesting features of the Orkan-class shuttles, is the ability to reconfigure its wings during flight. Granting improved maneuverability in atmosphere, and allowing lift when required.

Deployment : Produced extensively during the latter part of the 2700s, the vessel proved popular among scout forces seeking to examine landing sites for exploration. As a result, many wound up in the Periphery, among far-flung colonies and JumpShips, but few survived in the Core worlds of the Terran Hegemony. The need for transport craft has kept a large number of these vessels carefully preserved over the centuries, bolstered by their generally robust nature.

Variants : Though originally designed as a civilian craft, the robust nature of the vessels’ has led many of them to strip out the cargo bays and install crew couches in the cargo bay to convert them into assault shuttles. The vessel’s are further armed with MGs to cover the ramp during landing/boarding operations, and a collection of small lasers added to the wings for point-defense and blowing hatches.

The ability to land anywhere, coupled with its sudden burn capability has made them a good strike shuttle for marines. Their engine’s burn rate, however, makes them impossible for use outside orbital operations, unless a removable fuel bladder is employed to increase range, and careful speed controls are maintained. This further adds the complication of needing increased rations and supplies to make such a voyage possible, and ensures any long-range trip over a day to be very uncomfortable for its passengers.

Orkan-Class Space Plane

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