OTT-7J Ostscout

Pure Light Recon Scout


OTT-7J Ostscout (35 tons)

Chassis : Kell/S

Power Plant : VOX 280
Cruise Speed : 86.6 kph (8)
Flank Speed : 129.4 kph (12)
Jump Jets : Ostmann Sct-A
Jump Capacity : 240m (8)
Heat Sinks : 10

Armor : Durallex Light (Armor Factor 72) : 4.5 tons
Head – 3/6
Center Torso – 11/12
Rear – 4
Right Torso – 8/9
Rear – 2
Left Torso – 8/8
Rear – 2
Right Arm – 6/6
Left Arm – 6/6
Right Leg – 8/8
Left Leg – 8/8

Armament :
One (1) Tronell II Medium Laser (CT)
Eight (8) Jump Jets (4xRT, 4xLT)

Manufacturers : Kong Interstellar Corportion; Connaught (Free World’s League, Destroyed 2802 ).
Communications System : Barret 4000
Targeting & Tracking System : TRSS.2L3

BattleTech Tracking Stats : – : 1/4 : n : n : n : 360 : 7 : 600! : 2 : 8 : +2 : y : y

Notes : This Mech has highly sensitive sensor arrays that can detect across all energy spectrum at a range of 90 kms. While in “Deep Scan”, however, the Mech is unable to alert its operator to immediate dangers. Other scanning modes can alert the Mech pilot to the location of Mechs, vehicles, large groups of troopers (10 or more within 10 meters of each other), mine fields and cities.


Overview : Looking to capitalize on the success of their Ostroc, Ostmann Industries attempted to break into the market for support BattleMechs. A pure scout, the Ostscout (debuting in 2600), was sold to units in need of a swift reconnaissance BattleMech. However, as demand for their Ostroc grew, Ostmann’s limited production capabilities could not keep pace, and the design was licensed to be manufactured by the larger Kong Interstellar Corporation in 2700, in much the same way the Ostsol had been licensed seven years prior to grant the Ostroc an additional production line.

Carrying advanced sensor arrays and a superior electronics suite, an Ostscout was known for accumulating more information than it could analyze, often needing to slow down to ensure it was not moving into a dangerous combat situation, resulting in the negation of its speed advantage.

Capabilities : The Osctscout’s primary feature is pure speed. Its VOX 280 fusion engine is typically mounted on designs twice its size. Also equipped with a 240-meter jump apability, only the Spider can match its maneuverability, and that light Mech carries less armor protection than the Ostscout.

Because of this, the Ostscout’s combat capability is severley limited. A single medium laser is all the design has, mounted after many of its test pilots aggressively protested the vehicle’s inability to defend itself in the original chassis designs.

Deployment : Being an ineffective combat unit, few notable declassified stories of Ostscouts exist for public consumption. The most notable efforts of the design, have been in operations behind enemy lines, where the Mech is able to lead enemy forces on wild chases, while it scouts and identifies unit deployments.

Unfortunately, many Ostscouts have had their precious sensor arrays heavily damaged and replaced with lesser if more robust electronics suites over the years.

Variants : Because of its specialist nature, no known variants of this Mech exist.

OTT-7J Ostscout

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