Planet Express

Primary Interface Trade Corp for Aurore


Planet Express is an interstellar shipping and interface cargo carrier generally serving the backwater worlds of the Davion Outback. It serves as a freight forwarder between these isolated minor worlds, tending to operate off the main trade routes.

Trade Symbol : PltEx
Home Office : System – Aurore
President/CEO : Ontos Rantura
Founding Date : January 1st, 2927.

Planet Express are appraisers of goods and resources, and although they do indeed engage in trade, they are wholly-owned by the governing powers of the Warlord and his pirate trade organization. The company is primarily intended to provide covert export and sale of the Haven Cluster’s goods and resources into the Inner Sphere.

In their extra-Cluster trade, the company operates a single ancient Tramp-Class JumpShip the “Orion Frontier”, as well as a single Buccaneer-Class DropShip the “Rum Runner”. They are known to occasionally rent their extra collars to independent merchants, but often run alone, due to time constraints to maintain their large inventory of trade contacts.

Within the Cluster, however, they also have two Scout-Class JumpShips, the “Wanderer” and the “Lightning”, and a pair of Danais-Class DropShips, the “Escapade” and the “Stallion”.


Founded by Esaha Rantura, a second-generation inhabitant of Port Blackjack. Within a single generation, the company had expanded to handle over 80% of the passenger and cargo traffic within the Cluster, between System – Aurore and the local star systems of System – Aptitude, System – Farlight and System – Octavia. They also export goods and resources of the home systems of Haven through a single JumpShip and DropShip, that operates off the beaten trade routes.

Planet Express had a nearly fatal encounter with a JumpShip mis-jump in 3005, which cost the life of several key corporate personnel, who were travelling to investigate their shipping facilities across the Cluster. Despite the loss of a JumpShip and its cargo, the company recovered and has maintained a competency that belies the fact it is essentially run by pirates. The gradual recovery was slow and not without difficulty, but they have managed to remain viable, mostly out of necessity for the Starlords to maintain their independence from outside powers.

Planet Express

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