RCN Television

Sangria's National Television Network


RCN Television is the national television network for the nation of Sangria. formerly headquartered in San Succi, the national capital, it has converted its regional office in Ciudad Garcia into its new operational center.

RCN TV remains one of only two television stations broadcasting in Sangria (the other is Caracol). It continues to reach the majority of the national population, and is best known for its development and production of popular telenovellas, such as “Betty La Fea”.

Trade Symbol : RCNTV
Home Office : System – Dumassas
President/CEO : Meredith Jargus
Founding Date : August 19th, 2974.


Created as a part of RCN Radio, RCN TV was established in 2974, as an effort to modernize the national image. It produced only two hours of broadcasting; a one-hour news broadcast “La Noche”, a half-hour telenovella “El Hogar” (The Home) and re-runs of the ancient Terran telenovella “Bewitched”.

Increasingly popular, the company was able to produce full 81-hour productions, and by 2987 was the most watched television network on the planet, secured by its exclusive production of the Miss Terramatrix Pageant in the same year. Although the company produced sports events and news broadcasts, it was their telenovellas that gained it world-wide acclaim. Its productions were re-transmitted by nearly 90% of the planet’s networks, and even ComStar began re-broadcasting some of its productions. In 3015, RCN TV was the first to secure rights to broadcast the Mech fights in Salager’s Arena.

Today, the Sangrian Civil War has hurt its production capabilities, as the company has re-located to its subsidiary offices in Ciudad Garcia. While it has managed to retain the majority of its broadcasting stars and production crews, the bulk of its local audience and advertising revenues have been lost, leaving the company in a quandry as to its next moves, though telenovellas, reality shows and the Salager’s Arena broadcasts will likely play an important part of that future.

RCN Television

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