The Sangrian Training Company

Detached Infantry Company


Formed from volunteers and assigned Jannisary forces, the Sangrian Training Company was a detached force from * “The Cerberus Command” assigned to act as a training force under contract with the Sangrian Government on System – Dumassas.

Led by Captain-Brevet Jerri Holden, she had taken her platoon of experienced security and line troopers along with a pair of “militia” platoons to train the government forces located in the national capital in combined-arms operations. Assisting her was Master Trooper Grant Burke “Sabre”, whose professionalism assisted in fulfilling their contract. They were contracted for a complete year, as a Static Defense Mission (Cadre) Contract – Operation : “Show-and-Tell”.

Sangrian Training Company

Delta Perimeter Security Platoon “The Last Bastion”
1 Hover APC (MG) – (Regular)
1 Squad Support MG (Veteran)
3 Squads Rifle Infantry (2 Regular, Green)

2nd Militia Platoon “Star’s Reach Militia”
“Desert Iris” Jeep (MG)
4 Squads Rifle Infantry Militia (Regular, 3 Green)

3rd Militia Platoon “Black Tower Militia”
“Desert Iris” Jeep (MG)
4 Squads Rifle Infantry Militia (2 Regular, 2 Green)


Having spent some time on-planet during a very “Easy Ticket”, the unit slowly expanded to four full-strength platoons, and a couple of the squads have even improved their quality. LtJG Paula Perez and LtJG Abelinda Rivera rose to lead the Militia elements of the unit.

Since the start of 3021, the unit was folded officially back into * “The Dead Man’s Hand”, and took over the infantry portion of their last contract.

The Sangrian Training Company

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