* Sierra Madre Casino & Villa

Worn relic of a bygone age



Sierra Madre Casino & Villa

The _*Sierra Madre Casino & Villa*_ is a mythical place in the The District of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, a forgotten relic of a time when money spoke larger than reason, and the wealthy came from across the local systems to bask in decadence and luxury. The Sierra Madre chief architect and financier was Frederick Sinclair. The casino was originally promoted as a place for guests to reverse their fortunes and “…begin again…”.

The estate itself covers all land ten kilometers in any direction from the Sierra Madre Casino and Villa, mostly rough jungle terrain with a handful of over-grown walking paths and ruins. A single seldom-used improved road leads from the northern populated portion of the island and La Centra, and there are no other facilities outside the central walled complex itself.


Sierra Madre Villa, Residential District

Sierra Madre Villa

The Sierra Madre Villa was the private city of the guests, employees and workers of _Frederick Sinclair_, situated just before the main casino. A walled collection of compounds, the streets were built so that cars could not easily circulate, preventing pollution and noise nuisance. Deliveries were through a series of dockyards located between the Casino and the Puesta del Sol district, where a collection of warehouses were located. A simple bus station has been built outside the main gate, allowing visitors to arrive during charters, but the sea access is more popular. There is also a small airstrip built in the cordoned Puesta del Sol, but this is used exclusively (and infrequently) by Dingoes military personnel for their own purposes.

The Villa itself is composed of four districts; the central Residential District, and the three abandoned and cordoned-off districts around it. While each is walled by simple concrete, which keeps casual intruders at bay, these walls are not particularly well-patrolled, though they are marked with radiation and danger markers. The central district has been largely rebuilt, but the outer three are moldering ruins left largely to the elements.

Residential District, is the central (and only inhabited) district lying directly before the entrance to the Casino proper. Originally designed for the casino’s high rollers and entertainers, it is presently mostly cheap housing for employees of the resort and their families, but also includes small retail stores, pubs, coffee shops and a pair of cheap hotels operated by island entrepreneurs. Local goods come from a wide assortment of sources, show-casing the best the planet can offer; Sangrian coffee, Tragnar wine, Peregrine carpets, and San Isabel fruit are all available, and tend to be higher-end products that are extremely expensive when from “enemy” nations, but otherwise very competitive. There is also a small open-air market where local farmers, fishermen and merchants can bring their produce for sale, operating under the Dingo Brand Corporation.


Sierra Madre Clinica

In mid-3030, a small clinic was opened in the residential district, catering to wealthy individuals seeking cosmetic surgery and other discreet procedures. The facility, a private institution funded by private backers, is known to provide its services fairly discreetly, and keeps its client lists exclusive and unadvertised. While it has been known to assist the resort’s staff in emergency cases, they generally keep to themselves. It is a private venture of Doctor Max Helmut “Moxie”.

The ferrocrete dockyards are also located in this district, and lay along the coast, accompanied by several simple warehouses. Goods are sorted from these facilities, and distributed to the rest of the complex using small cargo trucks. Passengers debark from chartered boats out of La Centra, or enter through the main gate via chartered bus. All facilities are owned by the Iron Dingoes, but are rented to individuals at competitive rates.


Sierra Madre Submarine Lagoon, Neutral Zone

Unknown to all but Dingoes personnel, three secret underground complexes are also located in this district.

“Neutral Zone” : A series of work spaces and laboratories, since looted and cleared of valuables. The small underground complex could house ten (10) labs or other workshops, a small surgical and recovery hospital, as well as a large secure storage facility. This area is accessible through a former wine shop above, though it is presently sealed against casual intrusion. Behind the storage facility is a tunnel system that leads to a cellar below one of the warehouses, where both larger bulk items and personnel could be clandestinely brought between the complex and the surface. Adjacent to the warehouse cellar is a large concealed submarine lagoon, capable of allowing three (3) 2500-ton submarines (or other large sea vessel) to be docked and serviced. This dock grants direct access to the dockyards and bay below the Casino, and thence into the Atlantis Ocean.

This portion of the facility has been rebuilt as an expansion of * “The Skunkwerks” program, with the intention of expanding the unit’s least critical research and sciences programs into the lab spaces available. This location is presently equipped with an AI Lab, a Micro-Biology Lab, a Computer Lab, a Chemical Lab, a Cybernetics Lab, a Civil Engineering Lab, a Weapons Lab, and a general Medical Lab. Associated with these facilities are several science techs, known locally as the “Beakerheads”, who conduct the research required by their calling from these hidden facilities. In addition, they have a generous access to various medical supplies, and both legal and illegal cybernetic supplies through the Skunkwerks program. It also has a large quantity of fifty (50) MPC-1700 Scanalyzers, 250 Defiance Industries Heavy Environment Suits, and a liberal quantity of medical supplies and tools.

“Pair-A-Dice” : Consisting of a secret gaming establishment, the facility once provided space for a small casino, private gaming rooms, and lounge for special guests to the Villa. A complete security facility for a platoon of personnel including a cell block for ten prisoners, is present as well. The facility was accessible through a carpet shop on the surface. The entire underground facility was looted for revitalization of the main Casino, and remains a collection of empty halls and chambers.

“Sanctuary” : A rebuilt survival vault, the facility once had an operating suite, kitchenette and general supply area, along with several recovery suites for patients. Access was through the sewers, though a secret access elevator existed in the Hotel above. The facility has been looted, and is presently sealed against casual intrusion.


Cathedral Ruins, Salida del Sol District

Medical District, once containing the Villa Clinic. This northern district was abandoned, and was not rebuilt in the last Sinclair residency. The hospital grounds in particular and were looted of anything of value. The resulting over-grown ruins have the nearby jungle trying to reclaim what had been taken from it, despite its concrete walls.

Puesta del Sol, the western-most district had numerous clashes and arguments with the initial casino construction crews and the district lagged behind in its development. It was as if construction efforts in the district simply ran out of steam and money. This section of the village was eventually made the home of the Cosmic Knife and micro-battery production lines, having plenty of free space for the manufacturing facilities to be built. The source of the local Cloud, the radioactive mist that once covered the entire complex; though it ceased when the lines were stripped from the site and moved off-world.

Salida del Sol, the eastern-most district and home of the church and many of the casino staff. The district was largely abandoned and not rebuilt during the latest Sinclair residency. At present, the area is a fairly open jungle ruin, with the ancient stone cathedral the only relatively intact building.


Sierra Madre Casino

More than just a casino, the Sierra Madre is actually a something of a fortress – a monument to one man’s inability to let go. Its chief architect and financier, Frederick Sinclair, could see the Succession Wars on the horizon, and wished to protect his family from the coming storms. To that end, he constructed the casino and its outlying _Villa_, and at the casino’s heart, he built an almost impregnable security vault; the secure areas above and below the Arcturus Quarter. The walls of the entire casino are lined with a metal that interferes with radio reception and broadcasts, making use of communications equipment fruitless, except through the hard-line communications installed. The Casino complex has a central section and three wings, all serving different purposes.

Arcturus Quarter : Known as the Central Reception Area. Shops surround the central well-lit area, with its ceiling a virtual hanging garden, its skylight ceiling a constant reminder of the natural world. Shops include clothing, books, candy and an outfitter branch of The Supply Closet, for interested parties seeking to explore the nearby jungles, or make an excursion to the local beaches. There are two elevators in this area, both leading up to the administrative area in this section, plus a private elevator used exclusively by security and the owning group. An information desk is central to the level, with computer access and numerous screens for client access to the central computer core, displaying menus, recreation opportunities, the closest freshers and the general floor plan.

The administrative area above Reception, includes three other levels. Level Two : Offices and the central computer core. Level Three : A private suite for * “The Iron Dingoes”, it consists of several guest bedrooms, in addition to the master bedroom for the unit’s Colonel (with an advanced holo-table), a private dining room and kitchen, and a living area complete with a library and study that has computer core access. Above this area are the bulk of the housing for guests, allowing around two hundred (200) to populate the Casino during their stay. Rooms are similar to those in the Procyon and Sirius quarters.

Security Level : Located below Reception, the Security Level has numerous security offices, a detention block for twelve (12) prisoners, an interrogation suite, a security monitoring room with feeds to all complex cameras, and a briefing room for duty troops. A private barracks, exercise room, armory and cafeteria are present for security personnel, allowing three platoons of security troops to reside here. Access to a series of underground parking garages is secretly available from this level, accessed only via a long tunnel from the improved access road, just outside the complex walls.


Sierra Madre Casino, Main Gaming Floor

Canopus Quarter : There are numerous forms of entertainment available at the Casino. The ground level has a traditional casino occupying half its space, surrounding a sunken bar, with the games occupying different areas, including card tables, slot machines, dicing tables, and roulette tables available. A large central window occupies the northern wall, granting a spectacular view above the smoke clouds below. The other half of the ground level includes a gift shop, games room, a second bar “The Starlit Lounge” with seating and live music, a stylist’s shop and access to the level below. A massive crystal window covers the entry foyer in front of the casino, granting a view of the massive underground swimming pool below.

The lower level includes a massive 4500 cubic meter swimming pool with a depth of 1-3 meters. Beside this are several whirlpool hot baths and a sauna. Beneath the casino half of this wing, is a pair of impressive locker rooms and a large gymnasium open to the pool. It is accessible through two public elevators near the center of the wing.

The upper level of the Canopus Quarter holds a massive dining lounge that features a stage for live entertainment. There are dressing rooms for entertainers, a large kitchen for visitors, and a concession serving snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. The facility also shows popular movies from Sangria and San Isabel.


Typical Executive Suite, Sierra Madre Casino

Sirius & Procyon Quarters : These two wings extend east and west of the Arcturus Quarter, and provide the bulk of the guest housing. Considered first class executive housing by most planetary standards, the furnishings have withstood the test of time, simply by being relatively unused. They are complete facilities, each with furnishings for two, including sitting rooms, bedroom and baths. At full occupancy, these wings allow a total of two-hundred (200) guests to reside at the complex.


Military Forces

Overseeing security at the complex, are a platoon of reserve militia, who occupy the substantial barracks under the Arcturus Quarter on the Security Level. The unit is equipped with Iron Dingoes Infantry Field Kit (3023)s and a couple Light Utility Transports to give them “motorized” status as well as sufficient Defiance Industries Heavy Environment Suits for the entire garrisoned force, including its support personnel. They spend much of their time training and patrolling the facility and ensuring perimeter seals remain intact on the abandoned areas. The unit also has a detachment of technicians and a paramedic squad, to complete the difficult tasks of maintaining the ancient facilities, and monitor the somewhat hazardous outer districts.

With little to do but train, the invasion of the island’s international airport in 3024, led to some much needed seasoning and experience, generally helping to boost the green techs and troopers attached to the site, and gave most of them a boost to their confidence that an Iron Dingoes infantryman can do anything. Which they can, of course.

Cerberus Command

Militia Infantry Group“Dingoes Militia”

Logistical Support Group
Four (4) Technical Squads (4 Reg)
One (1) Paramedic Squad (Reg)

34th (Motorized) Militia Platoon “Sierra’s Own”
One (1) “Hellbender” Jeep
Two (2) Light Utility Transports
Four (4) Squads Rifle Infantry Militia (2 Vet, Reg, Green)




The city and the casino of Sierra Madre were designed and built by one man, Frederick Sinclair_, his last venture a few years before the _Succession Wars. The Sierra Madre, especially the casino, was intended as a place for guests to reverse their fortunes and "begin again". During its construction until the end, it remained a reclusive area. All conveniences were supplied to the inhabitants by unique vending machines, which provided a number of commercial and non-commercial services, and allowed the residents to live in self-sufficiency, even if cut off from the outside world. Every element of the Sierra Madre’s functions is to protect its inhabitants.

In design, Sinclair was drawn to the nostalgic Art Deco era. This is reflected in the architecture of the villa and of the casino. The kitchens of the Sierra Madre aimed for a 5 star rating, and sought to bring in the best chefs from around world. In order to meet deadlines and budgets, the construction of the Sierra Madre was handled by two different companies, a well-performing company for the casino and a cheaper, slacking, corrupt company for the Villa, creating numerous incidents during the construction of the Villa. Construction work was also plagued by constant supply problems.

Over the following years, the casino and its attached village remained somewhat mysterious, attracting the world’s rich and famous, and becoming a center for many of the world’s greatest deals. With the Succession Wars, and the separation of the planet from the economy of the Inner Sphere, the casino and its environs sunk into oblivion, especially given its isolated position in the islands. With the death of Frederick Sinclair’s grandson in 2798, the facility and its village were abandoned.


In 2948, Everard Sinclair, the direct heir of the Sinclair fortune (and the casino) claimed his inheritance and tried to revitalize the facility. He was financially stable, having developed the Cosmic Knife, a vibro-blade intended for the commercial and civilian markets, that proved very lucrative. He moved from his home in The Free-City of Von Doom’s Downport, taking along his entire production line of the popular knife, and rebuilt his “empire” using the hotel as his HQ (keeping it closed to outside visitors), and the village below as the center for his manufacturing line of the Cosmic Knife. Sierra Madre Villa was rebuilt, repopulated with his employees, and the manufacturing of the popular knife continued for some years.

The grandson of Everard Sinclair, Douglas Sinclair slowly continued as CEO of the company, and having no direct heirs, decided to retire in spectacular fashion. He quietly let word travel that he was growing tired of his work, and lacking an heir, was offering the opportunity to own the entire facility to the winner of “The Big Game”. Details regarding this “Game”, were scarce, but given the fact it was a casino, made many suspect it was to be the card game to end all card games, with some of the world’s best and brightest card players competing… entry only required 2,000,000 cash (C-Bills only!) to compete…

In mid-3023, the references to the “Great Game” attracted the attentions of * “The Iron Dingoes” command staff, and initial scouting of the complex revealed little beyond cursory information. Several trips by individuals from the Command Council eventually led them to suspect something more was afoot, than a really great game of poker.

On July 1st, 3023, Senior Colonel Kanto Jokukad “Pitbull”, Duke of Tharn and Pol Baca “Templar” infiltrated the facility, and uncovered the horrific truth about the facility; its owner had eradicated the entire manufacturing staff following its breakdown, and was engaged in some odd moralistic “Game” that appealed to everyone’s darker sides. Eventually, three days later, they managed to ferret out the truth of the facility, and “won” the ultimate prize of the title to the entire estate and Sierra Madre complex. During the following breakdown of order at the facility, many of the guests were slain, the central Residential District ravaged in explosions and gunfire, though the local security teams and remaining employees of the complex were able to evacuate through a secret underground area in a concealed submarine.

The facility was carefully picked apart by Iron Dingoes technicians who continued to salvage the facility for whatever they could pry loose. After over a year of careful salvage work, the techs have emphasized the motto “Dingo Pack Tactics, Always”, which has led to the hotel and casino being relatively operational. The local medics have searched for an easy way to clean the local village of its radioactive contamination, but it has come down to the techs and troopers slowly power-washing the buildings and scraping off the outer layers of soil, and then burying it deep in the abandoned Puesta del Sol district. Towards this end, they have acquired the handful of second-hand construction vehicles deployed on-site.

In early-3025, the facility was given the mandate to prepare the facility for full operation, and equipping it for residence. The Dingoes other landholds began donating much of their efforts towards this effort. The facility came under the management of Master Tech (Lead Manager) Samantha Harding in mid-3025, and she employed the local techs and locally-hired private contractors to bring the facility into working shape by the end of the year. Her bold vision for the facility was uncompromising, and has hurtled the development of the facility along, ensuring it will open within its mandated time frame of early-3026.

In early-3026, the hidden work facilities under the casino and resort were renovated in planning for the expansion of * “The Skunkwerks” programs. In particular, the submarine and cargo areas were given close attention, due to the secretive nature of the facility. These facilities continued being prepared quietly as renovations continued on the above-ground resort, and by mid-3027, began receiving staff for the facilities as they were installed. Technically under the aegis of the Skunkwerks, these personnel are relatively new, but their loyalty is quite high.

When the Sierra Madre facility opened on January 1st, 3027, it was to great fanfare and its opening day was a blitz of social media across The New Republic of Sangria. In the years since, the facility has regained some of its reputation as a place for the rich and famous of Sangria to visit when seeking a first-class getaway. The complex has also become the primary resort for Iron Dingoes personnel, as they and their dependents receive huge discounts on services, and can travel for free on the company’s tickets through regular supply shipments to the facility from Garrison. Senior Tech (Lead Manager) Samantha Harding has found the place a true calling in life, and seems proud of her work, spending many long hours in her private quarters organizing work shifts and arranging for supply shipments. In truth, she spends a great deal of extra effort working with * “The Skunkwerks”, especially as their private facility comes on-line.


In late-3034, the site was host to a gathering of many important corporate and nation-state economists, when The Industrialist’s League convened a meeting to discuss the creation of the Terramatrix Trade Authority (TTA). Historic in its vision, the site became the stage upon which the world’s economists decided a world-shaking effort to unite for a peaceful purpose.

* Sierra Madre Casino & Villa

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