Sword of the Monarch

Blade of the Selich Legacy


The Sword of the Monarch is the coronation sword used in crowning ceremonies by the rulers of the Selich clans of Terramatrix. Among the last of the known pieces of royal ceremonial jewels of that reign, the Sword of the Monarch is a silver-plated boarding saber, bearing a hilt with various Catholic symbols and floral designs (known as “Rhombic Patterns”). A narrow slit along its hand-guard bears the ancient coat-of-arms of the crest of Selich. In common parlance, it is known as the “Notched Sword” or the “Jagged Sword”, although the blade has straight and smooth edges.

Despite its appearance, the weapon still has combat value, but is far too valuable to risk in such a task. The weapon could be worth upwards of 2,500,000 Cs to the right buyer.

Equipment Rating : D-D-D
AP/BD : 2M/2
Range : Melee (1m)
Shots : -
Cost/Reload : 2,500,000/*
AFF : System – Dumassas
Mass/Reload : 2.5 kgs/*

Note : +1 to Attack Roll



Legends link the blade with Selich the FIrst, who was said to have chipped the blade by striking down the gates of the former Star League base in Petrópolis when he conquered it in 2800. Today that base is known as the Imperial Museum of Terramatrix (“Museu Imperial”), and it resided there until all the crown jewels of Selich’s reign were stolen in 2951. The blade was rediscovered at a private auction in 2967, but promptly vanished once more while en route to the Imperial Museum.

The blade surfaced at the height of the 3040 Marcosan Crisis, when it was formally granted to the leadership of the 7th Cavalry – “The Iron Ponies” by * “The Iron Dingoes”. Recovered from the ruins of Petrópolis, the blade’s appearance promptly tore apart the Marcosan Mandate, as many of its young soldiers questioned the legitimacy of their leadership. During the fight with forces from both The Commonwealth of Nations and various other allied forces, including * “The Fold Fiends”, the strength of the Marcosan cause was shattered, and within two months, the campaign was over.

Following its revelation, large numbers of soldiers simply surrendered when confronted by 7th Cavalry BattleMechs, and quickly swore allegiance to the new regime in Petrópolis. By war’s end, the Sword had become very much the touchstone that the Bloody Hand of Marcosa wanted for their own purposes, but denied them became their destruction. Many right-wing organizations across the planet are known to deploy the symbol as well. Together with the Imperial Crown of Terramatrix, it forms the sole remaining pieces of the Imperial Crown Jewels of Selich, the last of the world rulers.

Sword of the Monarch

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