System - Ganulph

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Ganulph – Relic of the Reunification War

Ganulph is considered a part of the Systems Constellation – “The Outrim Void”. Located at the Spinward point of The Triangle, the sector of space nestled between Davion, Taurian and the Reaver Rift territories, and next to the System – Pirate’s Haven Star Cluster, it is integral to transport connecting System – Dumassas with Taurian trade traffic, or into Davion space. It is a known location for pirate ambushes, and most ship’s crews expect trouble if they use this system. Most ships prefer to take the safer Candle Trade Route through System – Star Forge, System – Cassandra and System – Tarsus.


Political Ruler : None
Star Type : M2V (-) – (202 Hours)
Position in System : 2
Time to Jump Point : 2.83 days
Number of Satellites : Multiple
Surface Gravity : N/A
Atmo Pressure : None (None)
Avr Mean Temp : – (Vacuum)
Surface Water : Scattered ice deposits
Recharge Station : None
HPG Class Type : None
Highest Native Life : N/A
Socio-Industrial Level : Non-Industrial.

Population : (3025) None.



Originally a lightly settled agricultural colony with little industry, the colony was held by the Taurian Concordat until the early years of the Reunification War. The AFFS Auxiliary Corps took over the world in 2587, and it was garrisoned as an advanced base, including a major munitions storehouse.

In November 2589, a Taurian Warship, the Pinto-Class Warship “Alchemda” managed to slip in-system and fighting a series of sharp skirmishes with local AeroSpace forces, conducted a suicide run on the munitions storage site on-planet. The supply base with its small contingent of marines put up little fight, and the first series of Barracuda Missiles penetrated the main munitions silo, and generated an immense nuclear explosion, whose blast caused sympathetic detonations in other storage areas. In the increasing convulsions that followed, Ganulph literally cracked open, and lost both its thin atmospheric envelope and exterminated all life on the planet.

Munitions at the base included certain experimental weapons, and it is believed the bases’ newly-built geo-thermal plant assisted in breaking the planet’s crust. The blame was placed on the logistics staff at the base for inadequate storage safeguards, and the senior officer of the base was summarily court-martialed posthumously. The action is listed in older (and out-of-print) training manuals in the Taurian Concordat as “The Manoeuvre of Ganulph”; in Davion space, the matter is all but forgotten.

Today, the system is a scattered collection of planetary remnants, with the broken planet tumbling along in the star’s second orbital ring. The system is appears on star-charts as an Amber Zone, with a jump-point and nothing more. The sheer amount of debris and radiation around the shattered planet is severe enough to keep salvage crews away from it, and most simply use the system’s jump-points to recharge their power cores while travelling along the edge of the Hyades Rim.

System - Ganulph

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