System - Kraan

World on the Edge


Kraan – Small Mining Colony

Kraan is considered a part of the Systems Constellation – The Hyades March, located trailing and rimward of the Systems Constellation – “The Taurian Outback”, and along the edge of the Dark Expanse. The world is a small mining colony under the increasing attentions of Excalibur Corporation.

The system consists of ten (10) major planetary bodies, including the settled colony world of Kraan, along with three large jovians and a pair of extensive planetary belts. Its star, is an ancient main sequence orange star, with a long local year of 319.54 standard years, and a short 16.46 hour local day.

The colony has a good-quality starport (Class-C), though only unrefined fuel is available. It’s local techs are well-trained and they have a good maintenance record.

Political Ruler : Feudal Technocracy.
Star Type : Trinary – K0V (Orange Main Sequence) with near companions, Double A (“Achwan” – A7III – White Giant), Double B (“Lagiir” – F5V – Yellow-White Main Sequence), and Far Companion (“Akeem” – K0V – No Satellites). (179 Hours)
Position in System : 9
Time to Jump Point : 5.84 days
Number of Satellites : 0
Surface Gravity : 0.63 Gs
Atmo Pressure : Near-Vacuum, with traces of methane-ammonia in “Summer” seasons. (8600 kms)
Avr Mean Temp : -155.7 to -182.3C (Vacuum)
Surface Water : Frozen water with ammonia ice, 16%.
Recharge Station : None
HPG Class Type : None
Highest Native Life : None.
Socio-Industrial Level : Non-Industrial, Ice-capped, Vacuum World.

Population : (3025) 56,000.

The colony on Kraan is largely independent of the mining operations, though a significant portion of the economy is devoted to supporting mining efforts. Kraan’s position on the short route between the Carthaginian Principality and the core worlds of the Outrim Void, have brought a fair amount of trade through its starport, much of it bound for the freeport at Drellesaar. Piracy is not uncommon in the system, and with a market for hijacked goods only two jumps away, it is common to find pirates lurking in the upper atmosphere of the various gas giants in the system.


Circling at a staggering distance away from its primary, Kraan is an unlikely site for a colony. Heavy metals attracted the colonists, for Kraan abounds in various radioactives and other useful mineral wealth. Recently, Excalibur Corporation bought out four smaller companies which held leases to assorted sites, and Excalibur Minerals is beginning to gear-up for extensive changes to the planet’s traditional organization and operation.

A present source of considerable friction on Kraan is the scientific research station located at the edge of its “Shadowlands Mountains”. Erected centuries ago to study a potential archeological find, the intact base was established when the Ramshackle Empire was at its peak. Described as “… a potential treasure-house of Star League era technology and knowledge…”, it is now considered threatened with destruction.

The present site sits directly over a deep vein of high-grade germanium ore. When previous compnaies held the leases, they, and the colonial government, had permitted select scientists to visit the site at their leisure, recognizing the value of the site as an archeological relic. Shortly after Excalibur Corp bought out the other companies, however, the scientists were given six months to pack-up and leave the area before open strip-mining would ensue.

Naturally the local govenrment disagreed with the ultimatum, and attempted to back-up the scientists. But Excalibur Corp has a long reach, and they quickly forced the government to accept their decision.

Military Forces : There is a very small contingent of security forces that watch over the starport, and a detachment of AeroFighters assigned to protect Excalibur Corp’s interests in the system. Excalibur Minerals maintains a small reactionary force in the system of some armore and mechanized troops (about a company of each), but they represent the only other force in the system.

System - Kraan

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