System - Malagrotta

Periphery Resource World


The Malagrotta system is home to a titanium-rich planetoid, the airless moon of Fontana. The system has been heavily contested nearly from the time of settlement, a dispute which helped provoke the Reunification War. During the Succession Wars, Malagrotta was the site of many Taurian incursions, despite the distance from the Taurian/Federated Suns border.

Malagrotta is garrisoned by the Malagrotta Crucis March Militia, and mining operations are handled by the Grex-Dex mining concern.

Fontana’s starport is Class-B, and capable of providing refined fuels, as well as basic maintenance and repair services, primarily driven by its position as both an important resource world, central garrison base for the MCMM, and its position as a regional capital. Traffic in-system is heavy, and has allowed the system to maintain both its recharge stations, as well as keeping a wing of AeroSpace Fighters at each for defense.

In addition to the large quantities of heavy industrial metals exported from the system, it provides a center for government, and exports trained mining engineers as well as administrative personnel throughout the March. It imports mining equipment and food in large quantities, as well as various military goods to supply its large militia garrison.

Political Ruler : Corporate Oligarchy (Grex-Dex Corporation).
Star Type : M3V (Red Main Sequence) – (204 Hours)
Position in System : 3
Time to Jump Point : 2.67 days
Number of Satellites : 0
Surface Gravity : 0.31 Gs
Atmo Pressure : Vacuum. (990 kms).
Avr Mean Temp : -
Surface Water : Trace amounts of ice water (along with CO2 crystals near the poles).
Recharge Station : Zenith and Nadir.
HPG Class Type : B
Highest Native Life : None.
Socio-Industrial Level : Non-Agricultural, Non-Industrial. Moon.

Population : (3025) 894,000.


The Malagrotta Affair

Though colonized first by the Taurian Concordat, mining rights to the moon of Fontana were granted to both Taurian and Davion mining concerns following the Omsol Accord in 2511. The treaty also stipulated that neither the Concord nor the Federated Suns could deploy their militaries to the system.

Separate mining operations were both successful for more than 60 years when, during the escalating hostilities leading to the Reunification War, resulted in the so-called Malagrotta Affair.

The Malagrotta Affair was, arguably, the first battle of the Reunification War. Fought in the Malagrotta system, in orbit around the moon of Fontana, it was also the first decisive battle of the war – one that gave the AFFS High Command an overconfidence in the abilities of their navy.

The incident began when a Taurian flotilla jumped into the systme with “navigational problems” and proceeded to _Fontana_to affect repairs, hoping to recieve assistance from the Taurian mining colony there. Federated Suns miners on the same moon dispatched a distress call through the planet’s HPG, and a nearby AFFS Warship squadron jumped in-system two days later. They made their approach to Fontana unseen from a pirate LaGrange jump-point, attacking the Taurian ships before they could launch their defensive fighters or DropShips. The AFFS marines captured two Wagon-Wheel-class Warships (along with their four DropShips), while the AFFS squadron destroyed two WarShips. By the end of the three-hour battle, only one Taurian WarShip had escaped, and the AFFS hadn’t lost a single WrShip (though one DropShip was destroyed).

Taurian Order of Battle :
Winchester-class “TCS Pinard” (escaped)
Wagon Whee-class “TCS Anahiem” and TCS Cyrton” (both captured)
Pinto-class “TCS New Karachi” (captured)
Merchant-class “TCS Ulysses Run” (captured)
6 Manatee-class DropShips (1 escaped, 1 destroyed, 4 captured)
4 Jumbo-class DropsShips (2 escaped, 2 destroyed)

Federated Suns Order of Battle
Davion-class “FSS Charles Davion” and FSS James Davison”
Robinson-class “FSS Woodbine”
New Syrtis-class “FSS Jaipur”
Vigilant-class “FSS Batavia”, “FSS Novaya Zemlya”, “FSS Point Barrow”, and “FSS Smolensk”
Merchant-class “FSS Alkazar” and FSS Saint Louis”
3 Leopard CV-class DropShips (1 destroyed)
4 Manatee-class DropShips
3 DroST IIa-class DropShips

Several months later, Protector Caterina Calderon offered an apology. However, the apology came too late to prevent the oncoming invasion. In future years, the encounter at Malagrotta and subsequent battle would be known as the Malagrotta Affair.

System - Malagrotta

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