Systems Constellation - "The Taurian Outback"


The Taurian Outback Constellation

The Taurian Outback borders on the trailing edge of the Farscape Cluster, and is linked from that sector passing trailing and coreward through the Systems Constellation – “The Outrim Void”, and then coreward into the Davion Outback and the Federated Suns. Known as “The Candle Route”, this trade route links several colony worlds of the sector, and eventually terminates at the sector “capital” of Serenity.

Less traveled routes exist, but these extend into the distant regions of known space in the Hyades Rim, where perhaps 10 million people live among some thirty independent worlds. These settlemetnns remain extremely marginal and are invariably non-industrial, poor and insignificant to all but solo traders trying to make a living on marginal trade.

There is a large void on the far Rimward side of the constellation that extends for more than 100 light-years across, known as The Dark Expanse. This section of space is highly mysterious, and extremely dangerous to navigate, especially since it has few worlds to use as a focus for JumpShips, and constant nebulae and solar storms.


Origins : The Taurian Outback has been settled for nearly six centuries; the first settled colony was Serenity, which quickly grew into a major world on the fringes of galactic society. However, the remoteness of the constellation insured that the area was never extensively colonized and the region to this day remains a galactic backwater.

Over the last generation, the sector has been overseen almost exclusively by Baron Kenton Sarne, who has been trying to bring the isolated worlds back into the fold of the Taurian Concordat. The sector withdrew from Taurian control with the breakdown of the HPG network, and general trade with its colonies following the start of the Succession Wars.

Until recently, no one has had the troops or resources to begin a mass occupation of these worlds, and Sarne’s military has eliminated most of the threats common to a Periphery region, with the constellation becoming a relatively peaceful place. The rise of Sarne’s personal miltiary forces from local sources, such as Sarne’s Troopers or his assembly of the 2nd Taurian Rangers, however, make the eventual inclusion of these territories a reality once more.

Known systems of the Taurian Outback include:

System – Cádiz
System – Charleston
System – Fiery Plains
System – Klenkar
System – Micros III
System – Orkney
System – Pendant
System – Sebha
System – Simone
System – Serenity
System – Velscur

Systems Constellation - "The Taurian Outback"

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