Terramatrix Industrial Salvage

Private BattleMech Salvage Company


The Terramatrix Industrial Salvage Corporation, is a privately-built production facility, capable of producing munitions, refurbishing Mecha, and (for some years) builds a line of “Trooper”-Class FLE-4 Fleas and a semi-portable machine gun, for the local military and whomever else can pay. The facility also works as a salvage yard for rebuilding destroyed or captured Mecha, and an extended maintenance depot for heavy vehicles and other important machines.


Trade Symbol : TerraIS
Home Office : System – Dumassas
President/CEO : Doctor Rita Moreseado
Founding Date : May 30th, 3018.

While the production of the Trooper seems to dominate the company’s efforts, it also makes a tidy sum in the production of its “Hardline” semi-portable machine gun, the bulk of which are purchased by the planet’s various military forces, primarily as an Infantry Support MG. The Trooper’s energy weapons are all imported from Excalibur Corporation, and not manufactured locally.

Demands for the company’s military-grade Livingston Ceramics armor has promoted the development of this portion of the company’s production, slowing any other expansion of the facility for the foreseeable future. They also provide half their Mech production to the local government, with much of the rest going to San Isabel, and other nation-states on the planet. Parts supply contracts to many vendors also provide a good source of company income.

Additionally, the factory continues to work on refurbishing combat vehicles and Mechs, though this has proven difficult over the last couple years, and has expanded to work on rebuilding industrial and light transport vehicles, for which there is a growing local need. In fact, the facility is looking at licensing some of its own vehicles for local production, provided resources can be acquired for supplying another production line.

In the end, supply issues keep its production low, and this is compounded by the local shortage of qualified manufacturing personnel, and the very nature of its ancient, cobbled-together equipment.

Manufacturing Lines

Earthwerk Trooper : Chassis : FLE-15 “Trooper”
GM 120 : Fusion Engine : FLE-15 “Trooper”
Livingston Ceramics : Armor : FLE-15 “Trooper”
“Hardline” Infantry Support MG : Machine Gun : FLE-15 “Trooper”
Neil 2000 : Communications System : FLE-15 “Trooper”
Dalban HiRez-B : Targeting & Tracking System : FLE-15 “Trooper”



FLE-15 “Trooper” Flea

The Terramatrix Industrial Salvage was built during the industrial renaissance of Ciudad Garcia in 3016, the company’s equipment, tools and dies were salvaged from a forgotten Mecha factory located on the edge of the city’s industrial sector. The move was made quietly, and a new company, under the guise of a new salvage company working on refurbishing vehicles, Mechs and aircraft.

Setting-up the production lines proved difficult, the least of their troubles being their lack of trained personnel, and even with imported specialists and financing from System – Taurus, took the better part of three years to establish. In 3019, the facility went live, and began producing its line of Trooper-Class FLE-4 Fleas for the local garrison and the Sangrian government.

In mid-3019, a pro-Sangrian bandit force, known as “The First Fire”, enlisting the aid of mercenary BattleMech pilots initiated a raid of The District of Garcia, and attempted to disrupt The Iron Dingoes efforts to build a defensive force in the province. The entire force was eliminated in a series of battles, and the surviving bandits broke apart with the death of their leader, Colonel “Dangerous Dan” Danziger. The former facility housing the equipment was destroyed, as a cover to keep future raiders thinking the ability of the local industry to produce Mechs was gone.

In the years since, the facility has provided more than a company of “Troopers” to the Sangrian government, and exported several more off-world to the Taurian Government. At present, the facility is able to manufacture its engines, basic exoskeleton and actuators and gyro, as well as its armor and select munitions (traditional MGs and ammo), though its Zippo-brand Flamers, and Magna-brand Medium & Small Lasers are produced off-world and imported from Lushann Industrials, Limited. The facility can produce roughly one Trooper every one-and-a-half months (roughly eight each year), if provided with sufficient supplies and resources.

The facility is well-protected, guarded by a pair of refurbished RFL-3N Riflemans and a near-mint pair of TLS-1B Talos, all piloted by mercenaries hired for that purpose. As of the beginning of 3023, they also have a lance of four (4) of their own “Trooper” FLE-4 Fleas on site, and a mercenary platoon of SRM-equipped Infantry from The Hellfire Brigade walking the perimeter.

With an increase in manufacturing of various military vehicles and heavy industrial developments through 3016-7, its military-grade “Livingston Ceramics” armor and “Hardline” MG manufacturing lines of this company began to see a demand for more of its goods, and this portion of the company was upgraded to meet the increasing demands. It provided these products readily to * Husky Heavy Industries various vehicle lines for many years, though they have since stopped sale of this equipment to Husky Heavy industry, and stalled further plans to improve these lines.

In early-3028, the company secured a long-term contract to supply various AFFS planetary militia formations in the Davion Outback with its “Trooper” Fleas, securing financing for the coming decade or two.

In early-3031, the company was approached by the Iron Dingoes to develop their Double Heat Sink (Prototype) for a straight 15% cut of any future technology built using the prototypes or their potential improvement as a standard double-heat sink. As further payment, the company was gifted with a 120-Rated XL Fusion Engine (Prototype) as well for their own use and possible development projects.


In late-3031, the company began to market small quantities of the TLS-1B Talos under the * Husky Heavy Industries brand for export to the same markets as its Trooper Fleas. Definitively helping the company’s bottom-line, the development of HHI’s Heavy Industrial Armor – “Dingo Hide” also bit into their income stream, though little of that armor was directly sold onto the open market, rather it limited HHI’s own armor contracts with TIS.


In mid-3032, Terramatrix Salvage made a formal announcement, that in cooperation with Industrias Haceb from The District of Antiquia, it had developed a new technology, known officially as the Double Heat Sink (Prototype), but also colloquially as the “Proto Double Freezer”. Haceb, known for its domestic production of consumer appliances from its manufacturing complex in Valledupar, is said to be expanding its facilities in preparation of manufacturing these devices on a limited basis for Terramatrix Salvage, as well as limited sale to national military forces. The technology, considered primitive by most modern standards, still grant units equipped with them, the ability to shed heat energy at a faster rate, at the expense of bulkier units than are typically acquired. Nonetheless, it is believed Terramatrix Salvage and Haceb are intending to continue refinement of the device over the next years.

Terramatrix Industrial Salvage

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