The District of Garcia

Industrialized district of Terramatrix


The District of Garcia is a a province of the nation-state of Sangria, on Terramtrix in the System – Dumassas.

Population : 280,000
Governor : Ferdinand Dominica
Economy : Agriculture, Timber, Ranching, Silver, Bauxite, and Light Industry.

The local population consists of three distinct castes: The Darrians, the Terramatrix Indians and the Foreign Nationals. The Darrian population, roughly one-third of its total, are the tenant farmers and skilled labourers who are able to trace their bloodlines back to the Reunification War, and are of mixed Taurian and Davion blood. They are the only citizens of the state able to legally own land, and represent its middle class. The bulk of the population are local Terramatrix Indians, lower-class citizens who are natives of the planet, and have few rights or privileges. Many of those unsatisfied with the status-quo of the caste system have made their ways into the fringes of society, living in the wilderness and raiding Sangrian military convoys and bases for food, supplies and munitions. There are also several thousand Foreign Nationals (mostly Taurian or Davion) who represent the upper class of society, and constitute its corporate executives, bankers and industrialists.

Governor Ferdinand Dominica leads the civil government of the district, from the large city of Ciudad Garcia, or City of Garcia (Pop : 45,000). The only sizable community in the district, it also holds the only advanced educational college of the region, and boasts the bulk of its industry and commercial activity. Much of the community has undergone recent improvements, rebuilding large portions of the ruins with off-world money. The Industrial Sector has been greatly revitalized through off-world (primarily Taurian) investments, but a great deal of housing and commercial development has also been spun-off through this construction. In particular, the Las Pampas District has shown increasing construction of mansions, wide parks and commercial ventures selling off-world luxury goods, something found nowhere else in the nation.

In addition, a large presidio housing a military airfield and large garrison for the local Guardia Civil is found on a bluff overlooking the city’s commercial and government centers. Outside town is a small drop-port serving the district, and providing both regular commercial airfield and AeroSpace support services. The Industrial Quarter is the site of a new rail-line that leads out to the drop-port, and talk continues of extending the rail to cross both the district and to connect it with the capital. The Industrial Quarter has also begun to be protected by handfuls of actual BattleMechs, who guard select warehouses and industrial complexes of off-world interest; something not even the capital of Sangria can boast.

The rest of the district consists of rough forest/jungles, an ever-widening central grassland, and barren rocky highlands along its edges. Settlements in the district are numerous, but rarely larger than a village (Pop : 500). Dorado (Pop 1200) is a large boom-town along the western edge of the district, and nearby a new boom-town Diablo Mines (Pop 150) has sprung up with the recent discovery of a vast buaxite resource. Gaucho (Pop 1800) is a large community centered on the ever-widening grasslands, and the focus for a large series of ranches. Mercado (Pop 2600) is located laong the eastern edge of the district, and is a growing community noteworthy for its burgeoning industry, boasting a pair of textile factories and a canning plant. Roughly in the center of the disrict is the small community of Garrison (Pop 640), built to support the local military garrison, and providing little else. Off along the south-western edge of the district is the large body of water, Lake Orlando, that boasts a single hydro-electric facility that remains important to the district as a power source. Near the dam is the village of Ourinhos(Pop 800), which supports the technicians and skilled laborers who look after the power generators so essential for the industry of the region.


The training and deployment of * “Garrison’s Own” – 4th Motorized Infantry Battalion, Sangrian Army, based from the village of Garrison and brought into existence through the auspices of * “The Iron Dingoes” during their Contract – “Operation : Paradigm Shift”. This unit performs the majority of district patrols, particularly along the northern and southern borders, where thick jungles always hide bandits and worse, and patrol the main roadways to assist in protecting the local industries. They are one of the few BattleMech-armed forces on the planet, and as such command a respect greater than their actual firepower represents. Having been trained by mercenaries, they are more accepting of dealing with the industrialists and mercenary companies in the district, and are not on particularly good terms with the only other formal military force in the district, the Guardia Civil.

The rest of the district is kept “secure” by a large force of Guardia Civil, or Civic Guards. Consisting of a full battalion of motorized rifle infantry, two lances of armor and a lance of Air VSTOL, they are based from Ciudad Garcia, and are the strong-arm of the local government. Rumor places them as corrupt and that they generally only pay attention to crimes that affect the wealthy. Equipped with standard arms and light motor vehicles (light utility transports and jeeps), they are still a force to be reckoned with. Their armor consists of Scropion Light Tanks, with Hunter Support Vehicles and Pegasus Scout Tanks in a support role. The local Guardia Civil also boasts a pair of Guardian VSTOL Fighters. The unit is led by Commander Pablo Othello, a man of great local influence and power.

Corporations have always hired their own muscle in the district, and the rise in local finances has led to an escalation of their private armies. Few are large enough to employ more than a platoon of Rifle Infantry for casual security, but the appearance of mercenary BattleMechs in select sites in the district has many wondering how much of an interest off-worlders really have in the nation-state.

In the Little Chirba district of the capital, a reserve armory dating to the Reunification War has been rebuilt and houses a company of SRM-equipped infantry, a lance of Light “Flea” BattleMechs and a squadron of helicopter gunships. Ostensibly paid for by the city, all are mercenaries hired over the past year, and all serve the local Merchant League, in keeping an eye on their local interests.

Another small industrial complex in the Industrial Quarter has recently begun employing a lance of heavy BattleMechs and a platoon of SRM-equipped infantry (also mercenaries). The company employing them is a salvage corporation (Terramatrix Industrial Salvage) that specializes in repair/refurbishment of BattleMechs, and has begun making offers to both supply arms and repair services to the national government. The rail-head recently built from the Drop-port ends at this site.

The local government has also hired a collection of mercenaries to watch over the power generators and dam on Lake Orlando_. Consisting of a full platoon of SRM-equipped Motorized Infantry and a lance of heavy BattleMechs (again, all mercenaries), the site is considered secure. Constantly raided until recently by rogue Terramtrix Indians, the local garrison has brought stability to the important site and continues to impress locals that the government is becoming financially prosperous.


The district’s past is closely tied to the nation as a whole, but until recently was a back-water district with few resources. Discovery of large quantities of silver, bauxite, and a growing timber industry have helped fill its coffers and brought off-world investment in developing its local industries. Even the recent failed invasion by First FIre has done little to deter investment in the district or its industries.

At present, it stands above the rest of the nation in importance, and has become a hot-spot for Terramatix Indian attacks, though bandit raids from other nation-states have slackened of late.

There are, however, four bands of local raiders that continue to make the local headlines:

The Terramotto, or “The Earthquake” : A small bandit group that exacted tolls from travelers along the Camino Muerto, the main trade road into the district from the capital. Construction of a rail-line through this pass is made problematic by these raider’s existence. They were rumored to be small in number, hardly more than a platoon, but were knowledgeable of the local region and without peer as scouts. Their leader, Master Jose Vargas was a well-known flirt and flamboyant bandit.

This bandit group was eradicated (with losses) by * “The Iron Dingoes”, when they set a trap convoy running from Ciudad Garcia to the Sangrian capital. In the ambush, the unit captured about a platoon’s worth of equipment, several jeeps and the head of the bandit leader. The pass is now under consideration for survey work to establish a railway to the capital.

Los Muchachos De Plata, or “The Silver Boys” : Another small band of marauders, the Silver Boys operate throughout the district, raiding banks, communications facilities and generally destroying essential services to the maintenance of the government’s infrastructure. Highly mobile, they are best known for using government-built “Hellbender” jeeps, and prefer close combat with knives and machetes to ranged combat with assault rifles. The unit is led by Captain Juan Reyes.

The Corazon Liberation Front : A Teramatrix Indian splinter group that is backed and supplied by off-world supporters. Numbering perhaps 3000, they are broken into battalion-sized forces, and only occasionally raid into the district, often searching for munitions and supplies and target military forces exclusively. They claim to be the _"… liberating army of our brothers in San Marcos…", but have shown a distinct separation in military efforts and agenda. The unit is led by Colonel Rodriguez Quinto, a shrewd and experienced jungle fighter.

La Fuego Primer, or “The First Fire” : A large force (exact numbers unknown) of bandits, originally consisting of at least two lances of BattleMechs, several companies of rifle infantry and a couple lances of Vedettes, these bandits remain an enigma. Seemingly loyalists to Sangria, they did not raid into the nation itself, rather they appeared based from the jungles of south-eastern Garcia and raid other nations for their military supplies and munitions.

Well-trained and disciplined, there are rumors they had begun infiltrating the district for some nefarious future purpose, which revelaed itself an attempt to seize the industrial district of the capital. It was foiled by the timely arrival of * “The Iron Dingoes”, and lost all its air assets and Mechs. The unit was led by General Daniel Danziger, but “Dangerous Dan” died in the failed invasion of the capital, and the unit has since broken-up into three component forces of infantry, less than a battalion each, who face daily desertions and in-fighting. Their days are numbered.

The District of Garcia

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