The Gold Legions


The Gold Legions are, perhaps, the most feared warriors of Haven. The power-armored troopers of the Gold Legions are only staffed by the soldiers of New Haven who have demonstrated a complete dedication to Haven’s vision of the future, as well as an expertise in employing the high-tech weaponry of the Star League’s elite commando forces. Haven’s powered-armor troopers specialize in military tactics, especially the utilizing of advanced weaponry to gain a significant advantage over the more primitive citizens of Haven and the Periphery.

Like most military units of standing, the Gold Legion are known to honor the traditions of their past, often developing individual and distinct formations specializing in one or more aspects of military life.


1st Legion : “Star Wolves”Black snarling wolf’s head on a gold field.
HQ : Fort Dis

The first military unit formed to employ combat armor, it has long had the tradition of garrisoning the capital of New Haven (or “Dis” ), and in specific, the central Vault, and its impressive archives and collection of LosTech. It has jealously guarded its position as the personal guard detachment of Colonel “White Death” himself.

The unit has rarely taken any losses through combat attrition, and over the past five years has engaged in training, learning the intricacies of the Vault and its lay-out. As such, they are incredibly capable in the defense of this facility. Troopers from the 1st are known to display exceptional loyalty, unusual bravery, and a spotless record of performance reports.


2nd Legion : “Shields of the Gods”Gold all-seeing eye with a jump arrow pointing down, on an olive field
HQ : Fort Stygia

The 2nd Legion served with distinction during the early conflicts in New Haven against local bandit forces, and later during the 3011-3016 consolidation of local forces, but its ability to build defenses, especially under fire, earned it the nickname of “The Shields” among local troops. Much to the chagrin of its officers, the unit is often broken piecemeal to provide technical support, advice, and expertise in the maintenance/construction of defenses and outposts throughout White Death’s influence.

Currently, its security forces provide security for many scientific forces and outposts, with an entire company of troops dedicated to defense of the nation’s power thermal power plant, Fort Stygia, the key source of energy to the industrial needs of the district. The unit has spent the majority of its training down-time on jump training.


3rd Legion : “Wrath of the Ancients”Gold Eagle on a Purple Field
HQ : Fort Dis

Though unexceptional, the 3rd Legion had the notable privilege of engaging the first bandit forces when Colonel White first landed in New Haven. This took the form of a quick and effortless swarm of troopers and APCs that overcame a scouting force from one of the local marauder bands. By the engagement’s end, there were no casualties among the Colonel’s troops, and over three dozen local infantry squads lay dead. COmmander of the unit, Ambrose Selkirk surveyed the battlefield, and remarked upon the effectiveness of their firepower, likened their use to the “wrath of the ancients”. Thus was the uit’s nickname born.


4th Legion : “Dusk Raiders” : Black Half-Skull and Starburst, on a Blood-Red Field
HQ : Fort Dis

The 4th Legion has one of the longest and most prestigious histories in their history with Colonel White, with its origins dating back to his initial arrival in-system. Composed initially of numerous green, open-eyed young recruits, who were riding the wave of White’s successful recruiting drives. They have since gone on to fight with valor in the initial landings of New Haven, and the abortive evacuation of System – Dunkelheim. The 4th made a name for itself during the initial landings, by tallying a single casualty for every 20 marked kills against the local bandits. It was this action that netted them the nickname “Dawn Raiders”, which has been a source of great pride among them for a decade.

Recently, the unit has suffered minor casualties during an extended raid into Davion space, as well as another into the Concordat, in which they suffered major casualties – a result of various intelligence and supply failings, none of which were the result of the unit’s leadership or its rank and file. The survivors have been slowly trying to rebuild and refit themselves, yet they have struggled with these efforts, despite recruiting from local civilians. Known among the Legions as the “Fighting Fourth”, they still remain at 60% strength status. The unit is busily training, and is based from Fort Dis.


5th Legion : “Iron Warriors”Grey Stylized Skull on a Black Circle and Grey Field
HQ : Fort Avernus

One of the most active units in the field, the 5th Legion has a colorful history of battling pirates, planetary militias and predators of the Void. For this activity, they are attached to various black navy vessels as marines, and have achieved a nearly legendary status among the pirates of the Haven Cluster. Like lawmen of the West, they are looked up to by most other troopers and Support, and feared for their ruthless enforcement of Colonel White’s will. Their loyalty is without question.

Operating from their own private citadel, Fort Avernus, they monitor communications across the planet, and are dispatched to “keep the peace” wherever needed. They have an entire wing of attack Aerospace Fighters attached to their garrison, and are known to fly everywhere across the system in search of raiders or other intruders. At night, they raid into the Aurore District and clear independent gangs from the borders of that realm.

The nickname “Iron Warriors” comes not just from their use of battle armor, but from their unyielding nature, and unshakable loyalty to “the Cause”.


6th Legion : “Blood Angels”Black Winged Blood Drop on a Crimson Field
HQ : Fort Dis

The 6th Legion began as a single platoon, formed two weeks after the Gold Legion’s initial landings in New Haven. The first soldiers of the unit were trained to pilot and crew a handful of VTOLs extracted from long-term storage in the Vault. Though initially fairly mundane in purpose, operating supply transport throughout the region, the unit slowly built itself into the source of the New Haven VTOL pilots and techs.

During the extensive conflicts to clear the continent of bandits, the unit earned its nickname motto of “Death From Above”, when it began using integral drop troops to fight behind enemy lines and secure their supplies. Though largely untrained, they proved very versatile and inspired a great deal of respect fro their success ratios. The unit continues to develop its drop and jump skills, having expanded to orbital insertion, and its pilots and techs continue to transfer to other units as needed.


7th Legion : “The Damned”A White Jawless Skull on a Black Field
HQ : Fort Caina

Exiled to the frosted borders of the Cold Pole’s Icepack at Fort Caina, the 7th Legion originally began as a security platoon overseeing the prisoner details of labour camps. When this oversight switched to the Penal Legions, a fort was established in the wastes of the Cold Pole to provide cold-weather training for the growing military of New Haven. Battle armor was integral to this endeavor.

The early years of the thrall programs were rife with sadism, cruelty, and gross mistreatment, atrocities that went unpunished and unnoticed for years. Though the 7th Legion gained a reputation for running an efficient camp, it came at the cost of human lives. Though over time, training has dropped in harsh discipline at this facility, due to the need of New Haven to arm as many troops as possible, as soon as possible, the fortress remains an isolated location where traditions of cruelty are ingrained. The unofficial slogan of the unit’s trainers, is _"Purity Through Agony".


8th Legion : “Dark Angels”Silver Winged Sword on a Green Field
HQ : Fort Nessus

The unremarkable 8th Legion are garrisoned in Fort Nessus, since its organization in 3016. Though they maintain a vital communications link between Fort Dis and troops active in Aurore District and beyond, as well as vital information regarding troop movements in the regions they watch, garrison duty is remarked as “sheer boredom” by most, punctuated only by an occasional raid into the fringes of Aurore itself. As a result, the garrison tends to be rather unruly, and many consider duty assignments to the 8th Legion as a punishment.

Often nicknamed the “Gatekeepers”, the unit prefers the name “Streetfighters”, and spend countless hours training and re-training maneuvers throughout their fortress. The 2nd Company is presently off-world engaged in some military task.


9th Legion : “Red Scorpions”Red Scorpion on a White Circle over a Black Field
HQ : Fort Dis

A relatively new unit (formed years ago from survivors of the ill-fated Dunkelheim Mission ), the 9th Legion had only seen cadre work in Fort Dis, until moved off-world on some mission. The unit was long itching for a chance to prove itself in battle, and seems to have been given the chance. Recently returned, the Legion is back training in new suits, having abandoned their suits on some foreign planet.

Though the unit never had an official title, the soldiers had taken to calling themselves the “Red Scorpions”, though others called them the “Tunnel Rats” for their constant work in the Vault tunnels under Fort Dis.


10th Legion : “Phantom Minotaurs”Stylized Concordat Bull’s Head on a Shadowed Bronze Field
HQ : Fort Dis

Soldiers of the 10th Legion are another new unit raised from survivors of the ill-fated Dunkelheim conflict. Some of its members were among the elite culled from the 1st Legion, to provide leadership and backbone. They have spent the last few years training in urban/subterranean warfare, and non-lethal combat to reduce collateral damage. They were taken off-world on an unknown mission some years ago, and have not been seen since.

The 10th Legion gets its nickname “Phantom Minotaurs”, from their chosen insignia, and the fact that they have been forced to abandon their pasts on some long-term mission off-world.


13th (Penal) Legion : “The Last Chancers”No Unit Insignia
HQ : Fort Caina

The 13th Penal Legion is a Legion of criminals and trouble-makers from within the Gold Legions themselves. When a soldier is punished sufficient to leave the Legions (usually through cowardice or betrayal), he is given one last chance to prove his loyalty to the “Cause” of New Haven. He is equipped with a “blast collar”, given a heavy sidearm and knife, and enrolled in the 13th Legion. Senior members (those who survive a year), often take charge of the unit in some form, and are granted back their powered armor. This is, however, very rare, since few survive direct combat.

Often sent into combat as Colonel White’s personal contribution to the The Haven Cluster Militia, these troops do not have a very good survival ratio in combat, and often find themselves under the guns of their own troops when they balk at suicidal charges. Survivors of two years of in-field combat (a difficult task), are granted reprieve and often get transferred back into the 8th Legion.


Using an odd support structure, the Gold Legions represent a small number of troops, but possess some of the most powerful armaments available to infantry in the Succession Wars.

Legions consist of two Companies of Powered Armor, each equipped with integral ground transport to facilitate time spent in the field and strategic movement. Attached at the Legion level are also a pair of Light Field Howitzers (usually Sniper Field Artillery Pieces), and a small “Reserve” Platoon that doubles as an HQ. Each Legion, therefore consists of fifty (50) troopers, plus drivers, technical, supply and artillery troops amounting to nearly two-hundred personnel. Legions are particularly expensive to maintain, due to their immense technical requirements of the powered armor, with a technician needing to be assigned to each trooper, over and above regular maintenance needs. It is therefore not the suits that limit the Legion’s deployment, but rather their lack of proper techs that limit their deployment.

Legion Companies consist of a pair of powered armor platoons, each of three squads of four infantry, with an additional pair of reserve infantry acting as an HQ. Each Platoon, therefore has a combined weight equivalence of a standard infantry platoon, making logistics easy when considering transport of assets in orbital or off-world missions.

The Gold Legions

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