The Lucky Lady

Local dive bar in Garrison


The Lucky Lady is a typical tavern that serves military types with a one exception, the craps and poker table located in the back of the property. It has 150 seats including a long bar along one side, there is a small stage near the front entrance where members of the Iron Dingoes perform. Pedro Ramon Hernandez is the Manager/Head Bartender of the Lucky Lady and only answers to Massimo. Rico Alvarez is the Head Doorman and just makes sure that the guests don’t get out of hand. Finally, Rico’s wife Juanita Alvarez is the Head Chef and helped create the menu and manages all aspects of the kitchen.


This is the first entrepreneurial effort into the bar industry that LtSG Massimo De Luca “Advocate” has taken and it has been a huge success. The idea of opening The Lucky Lady came to Massimo when * “The Iron Dingoes” spent six months on System – Dunkelheim. He could not find a decent place where he could drink and gamble. During his transit to System – Dumassas he stopped at Joshua’s Station and picked up some custom equipment including a poker table and a craps table. As soon as the Iron Dingoes took possession of the base in Garrison in The District of Garcia, Massimo noticed three potential buildings for the use of his new business and picked his favorite location. AS soon as he found out there is no ‘legal’ procedures in opening and running a business, he quickly started on the construction of The Lucky Lady. It currently provides a bit of income. but more of a spot to relax away from the Dropships and base. LtSG Massimo De Luca “Advocate” has since sold the bar and taken his profits for a new venture that has yet to be determined.

This new venture is a space aboard “The Factory”, and though still only a shell of a location, plans are in motion.

The Lucky Lady

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