* "The Scrapyard"

Combat salvage acquired by the Iron Dingoes


Unit Scrapyard : Group / N/A / N/A

“The Scrapyard” is the collected, unassigned list of salvaged goods, Mechs and vehicles in Iron Dingoes coffers.

Generally speaking, “The Scrapyard” is based from the “Relentless”, where the core of the unit’s technical staff is assigned along with its reserve supplies, vehicles and other strategic resources, while on campaign. Otherwise, the bulk of its equipment is stored at their main base in Garrison. Select pieces are often kept with units that might use them in the future, while others are kept aboard “The Factory” when long-term storage or study is an issue. In particular, high-tech, LosTech or irreplaceable equipment is typically stored aboard the “The Freedom of the Stars” for security purposes.

Salvaged/Unassigned Units “The Scrapyard”


- (-) TAAF-54 Vasarahai

One (1) TLS-1B Talos (Salvage Quality)
Two (2) FLC-4N Falcons
One (1) KY2-D-02 Kyudo

- (-) Ferret Light Scout VTOLs
- (-) Warrior H-7 Attack Helicopters
- (-) ST-8M Samsons
- (-) Titan Combat Helicopters
- (-) DC-3D “Condor” STOL Air Transports
Eleven (11) Vulture-Class Air Skimmers
Four (4) Swift Wind Scout Cars
Three (3) Ignis Infantry Support Tanks
- (-) J Edgar Light Hover Tanks
- (-) Galleon Light Tanks
- (-) Scorpion Light Tank
One (1) Pegasus Scout Hover Tank
- (-) Chaparral Missile Tank
- (-) Condor Heavy Hover Tank
- (-) Vedette Medium Tank (Salvage Quality)
- (-) Drillson Heavy Hover Tank
- (-) Manticore Heavy Tanks
Four (4) Merkava Mk. VIII Heavy Tanks
- (-) Von Luckner Heavy Tanks
- (-) Demolisher Heavy Tank (Salvage Quality)
One (1) Partisan Heavy Tank (Salvage Quality)
- (-) Hover APCs
- (-) Tracked APCs (MG)
- (-) Wheeled APCs (MG)
One (1) Oshkosh A1 “Interstellar” Tank Transporter
Twenty-One (21) J-27 “Landram” Ordnance Transports
- (-) Light Utility Transports
- (-) Jeeps
Four (4) MT-1B Light Troop Carriers
One (1) Sniper Field Artillery Pieces
- (-) Anti-Tank Guns
- (-) Fledermaus Air Defense Systems
- (-) Rapier AA Missile Battery w/ Blindfire Radars
14 Armored Gun Shields w/ Swivel Mounts
- (-) Heavy Industrial Exoskeletons

62 SLDF Dress Uniforms “Pods” (Squads)
56 Cold Weather Gear “Pods” (Squads)
30 Dumassas Militia Field Kit “Pods” (Squads)
- Iron Dingoes Infantry Field Kit (3017) “Pods” (Squads)
- (-) Iron Dingoes “Elite” Infantry Field Kit “Pods” (Squads)
170 Iron Dingoes Infantry Field Kit (3023) “Pods” (Squads)
534 SLDF Field Armor Kit “Pods” (Squads).
30 Iron Dingoes “Voidstar” Marine Combat Field Kit “Pods” (Squads)
- EVA Suits – “Prometheus Class” “Pods” (Squads)
111 RC-SH01 “Bulwark” Ballistic Riot Shield “Pods” (Squads)
1326 Stun Baton “Pods” (Squads)
22 Infantry Support MG “Pods” (Squads)
- Support Flamer Infantry “Pods” (Squads)
3 Support Laser Infantry “Pods” (Squads)
- Support SRM Infantry “Pods” (Squads)
18 M56A2 “Smartgun”s w/ Waldo Units
15 SPM-18A3 “Backblast” Recoilless Rifle Support “Pods” (Squads)
18 Laser Assault System (LAS) “Grendal”s
5 Jump Pack Infantry “Pods” (Squads)
2 MRS-3000 Man-Pack SATCOMs.
One (1) Infantry Command Post HQ (3 tons of Electronics C&C Equipment).

96 Civilian Textiles (Backpacks, Boots and Gloves) “Pods” (Squads)
41 Technician “Pods” (Squads)
One (1) Ina-Du Swamp Skimmer.
Three (3) UL-11 Mining Rock Cutter industrialMech attachments.

- Medical -
10 tons (4000 units per ton – 10Cs each) of older, but serviceable medical kits.
30 tons of Disposable Medical Packs (10,000 Cs per)
17 tons of Medical Equipment (Tools) – (30,000 Cs per)

- Science -
Two (2) tons Heavy-Duty Military Rechargers (2500 units per ton – 50 Cs each).
Five (5) tons Type-65 “Blue Lotus” Desktop Computers (320 units per ton – 250 Cs each).
Five (5) tons H-3 Horizon “Blue Lotus” Compads (5000 units per ton – 150 Cs each).
Five (5) tons (90,000 Cs per ton) Robotic Energy Cores.
18 tons of Circuitry Bundles and Computer Electronics (25,000 Cs per)
64 tons of Underwater Exploration Suits (100,000 Cs per)
25 tons of Defiance Industries Heavy Environment Suits (50 units per)
350 MPC-1700 Scanalyzers

- Civilian Housing -

- Consumer Goods -
72 tons Seed Grains (Vacuum-packed bags of seeds for various crops, namely wheat, corn, oats, soybeans, rice and sorghum : 20,000Cs each).
500 tons (3000 Cs per ton) of Zero-G Survival Rations.
40 tons of Standard Food Supplements (Food-Grade Consumables – 1000 Cs per)

- Other -
Two (2) Fusion-Powered Waste Treatment Units (2 tons per unit) : Consisting of a pair of one-ton loads, each combined unit can process the wastes of up to 500 people per day, by thermally reducing it to a grey-white powder, useful as a fertilizer. Improves crop yields of an attached community by 25% (5 bonus to Admin rolls).

Six (6) Water Treatment Units (1 ton each) : Built on a standard trailer chassis, each unit can process about a ton of water each day. Each has been assigned a 250-Rated trailer-mounted portable Fusion generator to ensure independent power.

One (1) Passenger Module (5 tons per : 60,000 Cs) – A portable module capable of being placed in a cargo hold, with staterooms, food storage, independent life support, and even a communal waste recycling facility for a full platoon. Intended for use as passenger or prisoner transport.


“The Scrapyard” is used as a placing company for any Mechs, vehicles, and infantry gear salvaged from the battlefield, and its contents are typically in need of repairs, or often salvaged and stripped to keep the main force active.

The accumulated infantry equipment includes many “Pods”, or unassigned sets of fatigues, field equipment and small arms sufficient for the listed number of squads.

The Dumassas Militia “Pods” are a collection of locally produced assault rifles, mostly HG-762 “Holy Grail” Assault Rifles, and a set of basic flak vests and metal-alloy helmets, effectively similar to TCV-8 “Predator” Ballistic Mesh Tabards and F29 Tactical Security Helmets. The traditional fare of the soldiers in System – Dumassas, it is commonly encountered and salvaged among its armed forces. In these units, the IMC-40 Grenade Launcher, Milkor MGL and 60mm Light Mortar provide the usual support weapons.

The Support Infantry “Pods” are a mix of different support weapons acquired through salvage:

MG “Pods” employ Infantry Support MGs granting an improved ability to defend against other infantry forces.

Flamer “Pods” are typically equipped with Zippo “Incinerator” Man-Pack Flamers and often use specialized heat-resistant gloves and masks to protect its operators from “splash” damage.

Laser “Pods” include crew-served laser support weapons intended to be deployed as an anti-Mech or anti-vehicle system. Typically weighing more than an MG (around 75 kgs), they tend to eat energy packs, and are less than effective unless used from a fixed position, but do have an increased range potential over most ballistic support guns.

SRM “Pods” include Heavy SRM Pack Launchers meant to be deployed in sets of three per squad to make it an anti-armor/-Mech unit.

Recoilless Rifle Support “Pods” are numerous SPM-18A3 “Backblast” Recoilless Rifles applied to a specific squad within a given infantry platoon, that grant the platoon an improved anti-tank capability.

Jump “Pods” are collections of Jump Packs and associated equipment (reinforced flight suits, respirators, etc.) that can enable a squad of infantry to deploy as Jump Infantry. Such equipment cuts into the number of troopers that can be deployed, due to space requirements, but gives it a distinct advantage in movement on the battlefield. Elite and intensive training is often required to make use of this equipment.

Iron Dingoes “Voidstar” Marine Combat Field Kit “Pods” are a cutting-edge marine combat suit and support equipment for exclusive use by Iron Dingoes star marines personnel.

EVA Suits – “Prometheus Class” “Pods” are improved-armor civilian EVA-Suits acquired to give the unit’s non-marine-trained forces access to the equipment they need for training and basic exo-operations. Equipped units are also able to engage in boarding operations of Drop- and JumpShips in micro-gravity situations.

* "The Scrapyard"

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