* "The Werewolves"

Special Ops of the Iron Dingoes


The Werewolves – Special Ops Unit / Regular / Reliable

The “Werewolves” do not officially exist. Originally, the unit was designed to be assigned to various other units within the Iron Dingoes command structure, and only gathered for specialized team training and for specific missions. It did not officially exist in any unit TO&E and was intended to operate in the shadows under extreme circumstances. They have, however, fallen directly under the control of the intelligence branch of the Iron Dingoes, * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”, where they are seen as the “action” arm of intelligence services. The Werewolves operate as special forces and combat operations troops, assigned to carry-out high-risk operations that simply cannot be accomplished by any other unit.

When the unit was formally deployed to “The Freedom of the Stars”, they dropped any pretense of mystery, and are an official (though mysterious and unknown outside the unit) part of the unit’s military. It’s not that they don’t officially exist, its that they tend to stay isolated and aboard that vessel as their primary residence, training ground, and transport. While they keep contact with the rest of the unit, they train together almost exclusively, and are simply referred to as “ship’s marines” on most duty rosters. The truth, of course, is far beyond that label, however.

The Werewolves employ the standard olive drab patterns on its vehicles (and it’s PALs) common to the rest of the Iron Dingoes, highlighted with various shades, depending upon the specialty each member employs in their regularly associated duty units. Their unit logo is the traditional snarling iron-colored dingo of its parent unit, but in addition to its normally assigned unit patches, also has developed a unique unit patch worn on their service caps and left arm; a snarling cartoon dingo head with red eyes and a toothpick between its jaws. The patch only appears exclusively to members (tech and trooper) of the Werewolves, and if seen in the fleet, hints that a major op is about to begin.

Officers : The Werewolves answer directly to the CO, through the operational aegis of Dame (Captain) Modesty “Viper” Scrope. A notable loner, she led the line unit’s “Werewolves” squad for years, and her influence has permeated the entire special forces arm. Today, largely planet-bound and closely involved in training the next generation of soldiers, Viper keeps herself in trim with constant training but gives her teams great leeway in their operations, trusting to the judgement and leadership of her chosen team leaders.

Master Tech Melinda Clarke “Echo” is technically the one who gives the unit specific real-time direction. Echo is practically considered the unit’s favored “Aunt Echo”.

Tactics : The Werewolves are a Special Operations unit, which implies unconventional warfare, where conventional tactics need to be ignored. Maintaining a low profile with speed, surprise and taking an advantage against an unknowing target is the unit’s primary task. Self-reliance, an ability to adapt and overcome obstacles, and use unconventional combat skills and equipment to complete objectives are the required abilities of its members. Special operations demand specific or tailored intelligence to plan and execute.

The unit includes several standard troopers with extreme skill sets of a highly specialized nature, and a pair of techs, specializing in communications, munitions and other technical matters to provide another important set of skills to the unit. These skills have proven useful in their activities, giving them a great deal of independence.

A secondary unit has been assigned full-time to the Werewolves, consisting of five troopers (known as a “Paw”) recruited from the highly successful StarGuard complement of troopers in * “Cerberus Command”. These troops were formerly Marines, but actually often work independently of their parent unit, and based from the “The Freedom of the Stars” on full-time alert status. This unit employs the advanced Battle Armor – Tornado PA, though they were formerly well-trained in the use of the Iron Dingoes “Warlord Mk2” Field Kit, and found the transition quite easy. They are secretly deployed as the initial “security” force during any “Black Ops” to be conducted by the Werewolves, maintaining a perimeter while the Werewolves engage in their primary mission.

Support : The unit does not depend on any independent resources, and as such traditionally has no need for technical support outside its own team’s skills. Recent addition of the Battle Armor – Tornado PA, however, has changed that requirement. Furthermore, the unit’s deployment aboard “The Freedom of the Stars”, has made them independent of outside transport assets, and given them a great deal of independence from line transport. The unit still depends heavily on the intelligence and communications of Echo and her team in the unit’s Mobile HQ, however, since it remains their only link to the rest of the unit while on mission.

Arms are typically Iron Dingoes “Elite” Infantry Field Kits, but are supplemented on an individual level with night vision goggles, SMGs and plenty of spare ammo and medical kits. They have also been outfitted with Marine Combat Suit – “Voidsuit”s from unit reserves.

As a final addition to their unit equipment, the main “Line” members also have each been assigned a personal Battle Armor – Tornado PA, and are continually working to familiarize themselves with this advanced set of equipment. Additionally, the unit have been issued Mauser 960 Assault Systems, which provide the core of firepower they might need in any given mission. They also tend to use specialty items, such as combat shotguns, sonic weapons and various melee weapons determined by each individual for any specific mission. Select members also deploy with the Laser Assault System (LAS) “Grendal” when required.

Due to the nature of their Battle Armor – Tornado PAs, each combat personnel within the Werewolves has been assigned a general line technician to assist in maintenance of these high-tech and advanced sets of equipment. Additionally, a paramedic squad has been assigned to each unit within the Werewolves, to assess their health and maintain the bio-technical monitoring equipment required by each suit.

Each member of the unit also has access to a more traditional set of Iron Dingoes “Voidstar” Marine Combat Field Kits, which are equipped with both Jump Pack and Chameleon options, as required by their missions, though they rarely deploy with them much any more.

The “Werewolves” managed to acquire a rare Freefall Drop APC, that they repaired for their own agenda, and this constitutes their assault “ride”. The unit’s Mark VII Landing Craft, modified to deploy with both the Freefall and all ten troopers in their PALs, is also assigned to the Werewolves, acting as their primary orbital interface transport, and is flown by Trooper Michael “Booster Gold” Jurgens, who pilots all special forces craft/vehicles in the unit during deployments.

A single Type-S “Seeker” Mining Shuttle “Lucky Strike” is also assigned to this unit, granting them the ability to take longer (often incognito) exo-orbital trips in-system, and is also modified to deploy both Paws of PALs in its rear cargo area, where a mining buggy would traditionally be deployed for surface travel. This shuttle still retains its upper cargo area (22 tons) for mission-specific cargo deployment. On this shuttle, the Werewolves personal badge is prominently displayed, but the toothpick is lit like a cigarette.

During operations in late-3024, the unit captured a K-1DropShuttle being used as a boarding craft by Von Doom, and claimed it as their latest trophy. The “Barracuda” is has been refit to fulfill the unit’s mandate of covert operations, but might include future weapons changes or modification to its cargo bays.

In late-3027, with the establishment of the GloryHound Exoskeleton assembly line on “The Factory”, it was decided to set aside some of this production for the unit to redesign into Battle Armor – Shadowhounds, and establish a third platoon using the new scout armor. Various trusted Shadow recruits were chosen to fill in the line as soldiers and techs over the next year, and were then assigned over to Freedom of the Stars for advanced training, once it had returned to Dumassas.

The unit continues to slowly amass a small number of these advanced suits in preparation for establishing a larger, heavy assault force of battle-armored infantry in the future.

Support Operations Unit “Sententia Vigilum” ( “The Watchers” )

Trooper Victoria “Tori” Wu (Vet) – Insertion specialist and unit medic.
Trooper Michael “Booster Gold” Jurgens (Reg) – AeroSpace and Shuttle Pilot.
Trooper Pleione Bayern (Reg) – DropShuttle Pilot.

Special Operations Unit “The Werewolves”

Lieutenant SG Alexandra Fornesca (Vet) – Lead Trooper and languages specialist.
Tech Ginney McRiven “Trigger” (Reg) – Demolitions and engineering specialist.
Trooper “Wiley” Xavier (Vet) – Heavy weapons and driving specialist.
Trooper Chyler Silva (Reg) – Computers and electronics specialist.
Trooper “Scarlet Jade” (Reg) – Martial arts and Sniper specialist.

Five (5) General Technician Squads (2 Vet, 3 Reg)
One (1) Paramedic Squad (Vet)

1st Forward Operations Unit “The Loup Garou”

Lieutenant JG Rita Rose Vrataski “Full Metal Bitch” (Vet) – Lead Trooper.
Four (4) Battle Armor Infantry (Vet, 3 Reg)

Senior Tech Shamus Harper “Ironhide” (Elite) – Lead Tech
Four (4) General Technician Squads (4 Reg)
One (1) Paramedic Squad (Reg)

2nd Forward Operations Unit “Hombres Lobos”

Master Trooper Roberta “Bobbie” Draper (Reg) – Lead Trooper
Four (4) Battle Armor Infantry (Reg, 3 Green)

Five (5) General Tech Squads (Reg, 4 Green)
One (1) Paramedic Squad (Reg)


The Werewolves had its debut as a “unit” during the storming of the Citadel on Dunkelheim, but had existed in the minds of the command staff of the Iron Dingoes for months prior to that operation. Originally created in response to the “Scrope Conspiracy”, when a band of noble bodyguards managed to assault the Dingoes’ Den with surprise, it became obvious that another form of trooper was required if the Dingoes were to ever survive the kinds of conflicts it was getting involved in.

The unit is to be deployed only when intelligence provides for a viable target in support of its tactical plan. The unit is in a slow growth state, with recent additions, and more are being planned.

In its first operation, it infiltrated the administration building on Dunkelheim’s starport, and using plans discovered therein, slipped through ventilation shafts to plant charges on the primary power generator and escape before blowing the site. Their efforts allowed the line units to destroy three naval laser towers and the orbital missile bunker that protected the starport from direct assault by any AeroSpace forces, and led to the rapid fall of the starport to Taurian forces.

Its second deployment was during the exploration of The “Shadow Station”, where they were able to provide personal protection to several members of the Dingoes command staff, and their mix of skills proved helpful in salvaging a variety of research technologies.

Its formal third deployment occurred during the “Star Talon Incident”, and they proved instrumental in the seizure and claim of the JumpShip The Starlight Seduction, though it was not without casualties.

The unit’s fourth formal deployment, was as an intelligence gathering mission against the Mech Stable – “The Hombres”, where the information they gathered helped the unit win their bout with the local Mech Stable, and win enough pilots to complete that portion of their contract requirements.

The Werewolves fifth formal assignment was during the official scouting mission of “The Factory”. The unit accompanied the boarding parties and secured the hangar bay to land other shuttles and technicians.

The Werewolves were formally assigned “mop-up” activities during their boarding of the ruined Jumbo-Class DropShip being used as a base by pirates in the L5 position in the System – Malagrotta, as their sixth assignment.

Their seventh formal assignment was in the initial survey work of the * Castle Corazón, but they remained in constant activity during the following weeks as the Iron Dingoes attempted to claim The District of Garcia as their own landhold. During these operations, they met with their first formal additions of manpower, with the creation of a second squad, the “Loup Garou”.

During the unit’s Contract – Operation : “Blue Harvest”, the Werewolves were deployed to seize the Liao DropShip “Xīng Hu”, and its passengers, the Capellan Mechworks Section. They performed flawlessly.

In late-3024, the unit was closely involved in various special operations throughout the so-called Small War, but is best known for their efforts in assassinating the leadership of the combined ’League of Free Nations" in The Free-City of Von Doom’s Downport. Although they lost one member and another was gravely wounded, they completed their primary tasks and extracted “The Asset”, Senior Tech (Intelligence) Selena Marie Demarkos.

During their trip to eradicate the forces of Pirate-Lord Cyr Milligan, the unit was deployed to board and seize both the “Kiss of Death” and the “Cutlass”, though the first effort was a clean-up operation after the losses the unit’s Line infantry faced initially. Both operations passed in success.

in mid-3031, the lead squad of the Werewolves were taken over by Lieutenant SG Alexandra Fornesca as its lead trooper, with Viper taking a more sedentary role as the lead infantry and special forces trainer for the entire Iron Dingoes unit. Her first mission was in the planning and execution of the capture of The Galloping Ghost which was over-whelming successful.

* "The Werewolves"

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